Punchnello No Turning back Crime Puzzle Drama OST

Crime Puzzle Drama OST | Punchnello No Turning Back

SMTM 9 winner Punchnello first OST participation! Punchnello participate for Crime Puzzle drama OST, a drama based on Webtoon with the same title. Punchnello continue his activities after he release the Demon Youth mixtape.

Punchnello No Turning Back for Crime Puzzle Drama OST

A thriller drama, Punchnello set the stage for full of suspense Crime Puzzle drama that set the main story of solving the mastermind behind the killing of main character father, once it started there’s no turning back. The drama air every friday on OLLEH TV & throguh Seezn starting from 29 of October 2021.

Punchnello No Turning Back Credits

Punchnello No Turning Back for Crime Puzzle Drama OST

Executive Producer Jae-gon Kim 
Co-producer Jae-Hee Park Kim In-Tae
Office Director Park Hyun-Jung Lee Ji-Yeon Choi Eun-Ji
Album Designer Park Min-Seon

Lyricist Punchnello
Composer Baek Eun- Woo Kim Tae-Jun
Arranger Baek Eun- Woo Kim Tae- Jun Jung Yu-Ri

Keyboard Baek Eun-Woo (Uptake Studio)
Drum Taejun Kim (Uptake Studio)
Programing Eunwoo Baek (Uptake Studio)
StringArranged by Yuri Jeong 
Strings [JamString]
1st Violin Bae Shinhee Shin Ahhyun Shim Minjin Lee Juhye Kim Jihyun
2nd Violin Seo Jieun Park Jinhee
Bae Shinsuk Jeon Yeonjung Viola Baek Eunhye Kim Jiyu Kim Seongwon
Cello Lim Yirang Yoo Sohyang
Bass Seo Jieun

Vocal recording by Danyoung Oh @ AOMG Studio Strings recorded @ CSMusic Studio
Mixed by Jeongseung Kim @ EvermoreMusic Studio
Mastered by Hoon Jeon @ Sonic Korea

Punchnello Profile

Starting out as a member now defunct crew Club Eskimo before joining now inactive agency HIGHGRND, Punchnello have been awe everyone with his technique and music sensibility since young age. Participate on Show Me The money 9 and become the eventual winner, he’s now part of AOMG and been active releasing music.

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