Primary Bless You

Primary Bless You feat Sam Kim, WOODZ, pH-1 | Song to Break Up to?

Produced by Primary, sung by Sam Kim, WOODZ and ended with a neat yet an emotional rap line by pH-1. Well, what more could you ask for? Perfect and harmonious combination that we never knew we needed. As soon as the intro started, I knew this one was gonna be different. Released in 2020, Primary Bless You provided us with beats and lyrics that brought pleasure to our ears.a

Primary Bless You is Song that hits you right in the feels

Don’t worry about me, don’t say anything even though I don’t heal. As expected from Primary, his catchy yet comforting beat goes along well with the emotional lyrics, delivered perfectly by Sam Kim, WOODZ and pH-1. They surely bless us all with this song.

In fact, there’s hundreds, or even thousands of songs out there that tell stories about someone having a heartbreak. But Primary Bless You hit differently, especially when you’ve just gone through a break up, or just about to break up. You just can’t help but get carried away by the music they’ve created.

Primary Bless You Story It’s a hard thing to do, but certainly it’s not impossible

Letting go was hard, and this song expressed it perfectly. Bless You tell you a story about someone that tried to let her lover go, but at the same time, stayed calm and blissful, even though he or she was just going through a break up. Wipe off the tears dripping down your face, don’t turn back, just walk away slowly, don’t worry, I don’t hate you, this line from WOODZ literally explained it all.

But truthfully, going through a breakup was never easy at all. It takes a lot of time to recover, and the hardest part is to fake your feelings when you’re actually feel broken inside. Corner of my heart aches but at least I will smile in front of you, swallowing up the tears. Well, yes, it’s never easy. Even pH-1 said so.

Primary Bless You is in collaboration with Handspeak

In collaboration with Handspeak, Primary released a sign language version of Bless You through a music video. Handspeak itself is a social enterprise that integrates sign language with various forms of arts, such as music videos and stuff. In this music video, Jiyeon Kim performed as the interpreter. She’s done a really good job interpreting the song into a sign language, provided us with such a beautiful music video to be seen.

Primary Bless You Tracklist & Credits:

Primary Bless You single consists of only 1 track. Here’s the detailed information about who’s behind Bless You.

Composed by Primary, WOODZ
Lyrics by Primary, WOODZ, Ayul, pH-1
Arranged by Primary
Song by Sam Kim, WOODZ, pH-1
Background Vocals by WOODZ, Sam Kim
Guitar Performed by Primary
Bass Performed by Primary
Drum Performed by Primary
Keyboard Performed by Primary
Recorded by Primary @ paktory studio 
Mixed by Primary @ paktory studio 
Mastered by Primary @ paktory studio
Executive Producer – Primary
Creative Director – Jaden Jeong
Contents Director – Bora Nam
A&R Producer – Juan Yoon
New Media Marketing – Yeanjoo Kim
Visual Production – Pooreum Park
Copyrights 2020 ⓒPAKTORY COMPANY Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Primary Profile

Choi Dong-hoon, goes by the stage name Primary, is a South Korean Musician and Record Producer, currently active under his own record label, Paktory Company. Primary has been active since 2004 in South Korean hip hop scene. Together with his iconic cardboard box on his head, Primary produced and created countless number of great songs under his name, making him one of the most iconic and renowned music producer in South Korea.

Stream now! Primary Bless You available on various music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Melon Music and more.

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