Pluma Freaky

Pluma Freaky feature Chillin Homie | Shawty so Freaky!

Highline Entertainment’s rapper, Pluma, released a new single titled Freaky featuring rapper Chillin’ Homie on November 22, 2021. Let’s take a listen to Pluma Freaky

Pluma Freaky Teaser Poster

Pluma Freaky poster

The teaser video and poster were released beforehand and it drew attention as Pluma sat on the sofa and stared at the front with a chic look. The colorful and intense neon colors in the image drew attention by creating a unique and dreamy atmosphere. In addition, the release dates of the new song “Freaky” and “2021.10.22 FRI” were written, raising expectations for the new song to the fullest. In particular, the name of the artist who participated in the “Freaky” featuring is hidden, raising listeners’ curiosity about who would have exerted special synergy with Pluma.

Pluma Freaky Music Video

Pluma’s new song Freaky which will show a wider musical spectrum, is released and can be streamed on all music platforms.

Pluma Freaky credits

Pluma Freaky poster

Lyrics by PLUMA, Chillin Homie
Composed by HossyBeats
Arranged by PLUMA, Grabby
Mixed & Mastered by Mat Kor at @Mat Kor Studio

M/V Directed by Yvng Wing (3SPICE)
Styling parkchansir / Park Chankyung
Make-Up Kwony @Kwony tinged
Hair one thumb / Han umji @ braided tinged
Creative Commons, by Parohgraphy
Artwork by LEERYAN

Pluma Profile

Song Minjae or usually known as Pluma is a South Korean rapper under Highline Entertainment. He was born September 25, 2002, and made his debut in November 2019 with a single Weekend. Ever since he was in middle school, he dreamed of becoming an artist and he began to start writing songs in his notebook

Pluma is motivated to become a rapper after he watched SMTM 4. In 2018, he won “Rookies of KAC: Season 5” and as soon after the show ended, he dropped out of his school to pursue his career in music. Pluma also began to show his talent more by joining “High School Rapper 3”, “High School Rapper 4”, “Show Me the Money 777”, “Show Me the Money 8”, and “Show Me the Money 10”.

Stay updated with Pluma by following his Instagram @pluma_vivid and his Soundcloud @plumagamecharger

Listen to Pluma Freaky Spotify and Apple Music

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