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This is Real Organic | Penomeco Organic Single Released featuring YDG

Dropping EP Dry Flower the day he signed an exclusive contract with PSY’s agency P Nation in April, Penomeco Organic released as a single 4 month after. The single consists of two songs Shy (eh o) and BOLO featuring YDG. The two songs radiate a completely different mood from Dry Flower EP. Nuanced latin music vibe within three languages lyrics and unique sound of Penomeco, this single will make everyone dance. Are you ready to dance with Penomeco?

SHY (Eh O) | Unique and Sexy Song about Spicy Love

I wish I can see you dancing, dancing, dancing~ Penomeco uniqueness will always mesmerize the listeners. Deliver the message about a boy who fell in love and wants to dance with the girl, the lyrics contain a lot of flirty and sexy messages adoring the girl to get her attention. Penomeco played with his voice deliciously from low voice to falsetto. Within three languages, Penomeco execute the song utterly, giving the song perfect finishing. Another beautiful love song is born!

SHY (Eh O) Live Band Version  | Track of Penomeco Organic

P Nation promoting Penomeco everywhere. Right after the real-time release of Penomeco Organic, the live band version of SHY (Eh O) from Studio Flo is out. Penomeco dressed manly with a blazer and white jeans, performing the song flawlessly. His live version is crystal-clear and once again makes the fans fall in love with his unique voice. Let’s dance along with Penomeco!

Penomeco Organic | BOLO featuring YDG | YDG: The best lyrics in 2021 

Featuring YDG in the next song BOLO, the vibe is still similar to the first song. But this time, Penomeco highlighted his low tone voice more. Combining latin-like instruments with easy-to-listen beats, Penomeco low tone voice in the chorus will surprise the fans, but still make them follow the melody of the song. Penomeco shared in the interview that YDG complimented him by saying these are the best lyrics this year. Penomeco is surely a skillful song-writer. No wonder he wrote a lot of songs for other artists!

Penomeco Organic Credits

Penomeco Organic

1. Shy (eh o)

Lyrics by PENOMECO
Composed by PENOMECO, APRO
Arranged by APRO
Trumpet by Park Jun-gyu (Q the Trumpet)
Recorded by DAMIAN
Mixed by Stay Tuned @Stay Tuned Studio
Mastered by Kwon Nam-woo @821 Sound Mastering

2. BOLO (Feat. YDG)

Composed by PENOMECO, YDG, Made By Me
Arranged by Made By Me
Guitar by Made By Me
Synth by Made By Me
Bass by Made By Me
Recorded by Shagoon ShahgooN @260db
Mixed by Stay Tuned @Stay Tuned Studio
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon @821 Sound Mastering

Penomeco in 1theK Look Me Up! | The Journey of Penomeco

There’s also promotion of Penomeco Organic by appearing in Look Me Up! It is the section in 1theK youtube channel where the artists look up their name in several websites and read the comment sections and also give reactions to whatever they see in the site. Penomeco started from his first EP, his friendship with his crew members in Fanxy Child such as Zico, Dean, etc. He also talked about how people think he belongs to SM since he wrote a lot of songs for SM Entertainment artists. He jokes and happily reads anything without feeling hurt from any bad comments. 

At the end, talked about Penomeco Organic, he explained, “With the album called Organic, I comeback with two tracks. YDG did a featuring for my album. According to YDG, in 2021 this is the best lyrics he’s ever seen. There’s a section that he complemented. If you look for it, I think it’d be fun. I’ll compliment those who got it right!” Let’s look for the section to get the compliment from Penomeco!

Penomeco Short Profile 

PENOMECO is a South Korean rapper who is active under PSY agency P Nation and Fanxy Child crew. He debuted with the single Right There in October 2014. His music career skyrocketed by participating in Zico Say Yes or No and MC Mong UFO as a featured artist. After showing an impressive performance in Show Me the Money 6 aired in 2017, he released singles such as LIE, Good Morning, and COCO BOTTLE the following year, and won the final victory in the singer-songwriter program Breakers.

He drop his first EP Garden in December, within the six tracks included each flower and their symbols, and the album was filled with featuring artists such as The Quiett, Crush, Gaeko, and ELO. Following the singles Let’s shoot a movie and Tempo in 2019, he released the single ‘Y‘ of his crew Fanxy Child. 

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