Park Moonchi Park Rura

Park Moonchi Park Rura | Newtro Trio is Back!

Producer Park Moonchi is back new EP! Known for his retro sound, Park Moonchi Park Rura EP include two of her best friend Ruru and Rara. This EP combine soulful R&B sound with New Jack Swing but Park Moonchi doesnt want to limit the EP to one particular genre, as long as everyone having fun listening to it!

Park Moonchi Move! Music Video

This is not the first time that Ruru/Hukke and Rara/Dala been participating in Park Moonchi songs. Previous songs such as We’re cool and Im Into You were also participate by both of them. Both of them also have a remake version of Fin.KL Come on baby tonight that were posted in 1thek youtube channel.

Park Moonchi remake Come on Baby Tonight feat Ruru & Dala

Park Moonchi Park Rura tracklist

Park Moonchi Park Rura cover
  1. MOVE!
  2. m e s s a g e
  3. In & Out
  4. Blink

Park Moonchi Profile

The forefront of Newtro genre resurgence, Park Moonchi introduce a trendy retro song (new retro) that not only people who live in the 90’s and early 2000’s like but also the new Z Generation. Beside working with fellow newtro artist such as Kirin of 8balltown, Park Moonchi also work with trendy artist such as Young K of DAY6 and Wonwoo of Seventeen.

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