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Paloalto SMTM 9 Producer | Good day Season 2?

Paloalto SMTM 9 was his third appearance as a producer in this program. His first time was in season 4 where he teamed with Zico, his second time was in season 7 with Code Kunst, and the third time was with Code Kunst again. They both have the experience working together so their teamwork will be obviously great. When they were announced as the producers, audiences were not surprised anymore since they have seen it. But of course, everyone can’t wait to see them in the program with other good songs.

Previous Experience before Paloalto SMTM 9 Producer

Previously in SMTM777 and SMTM4, the song he made gained huge popularity from the listeners. in SMTM4, the song Turtle Ship that he made with Zico received a lot of love from the listeners. Also Good Day in SMTM777 placed well in the music charts. So by returning in season 9, people are anticipating his songs.

SMTM777 Throwback in the Producer Stage

As a certain stage in Show Me the Money, Paloalto SMTM 9 Producer Stage is one of the most awaited performances we’ve been looking for. In the Producer Stage, Paloalto and Code Kunst have prepared their best performance to appeal to the contestants and show the music style they have. In this COVID-19 situation, the producers have to perform without the audience. But it didn’t stop the producers from showing their best performance.

From the beginning until the end, Paloalto SMTM 9 Producer stage filled with his songs with Code Kunst playing the instruments. Paloalto performed Save and Good Day, both of the songs are from SMTM77. It brings back the memories and reminds us how great the songs were.

Code Kunst x Paloalto SMTM 9 Team

From the Second Preliminary Round, Paloalto and Code Kunst chose 10 rappers. But after the Cypher Round the remaining members are 6 rappers. The 6 rappers are divided into 2 teams where they sing the same song and the winning team will all advance to the next round. Swings, Layone, Khakii, and Mckdaddy.

The same song they sang was Want It. Want It is a song that featured Paloalto and produced by Code Kunst. Paloalto sang the hook and he also has his verse at the end of the song. Tryna make a change, bad mood go away, trust me we gotta keep going. The song is about making a change, it is a very energetic and positive song.

Layone Mask On

In the Official Stage Round, Layone sang a song titled Mask On with Paloalto and Coogie. Paloalto SMTM 9 producer help sang the hook with Layone on the stage. The song has a very fun and groovy vibe, they succeed to hype the audience. Watch the full performance here :

Swings Upgrade 2020

Since Swings made it to the Official Stage Round, Paloalto and Code Kunst made a song for him titled Upgrade 2020. Paloalto SMTM 9 Producer also featured in the song. He appeared at the end of the song with his powerful voice that completes the whole stage. Watch the full performance!

Layone Yay

For Layone Final Round performance, Paloalto and Code Kunst made Yay with him. Paloalto SMTM 9 producer came as a featured singer who sang the hook with Layone in the beginning of the song. The song is super fresh and trendy, it really is a final performance. The song also has Youngji and Jamie as a guest. Youngji is Layone’s friend so the stage looked very fun. They all dressed up casually and enjoyed the stage as if they just did it for fun.

Swings Still Hungry

Paloalto and Code Kunst also produced songs for Swings in the Final Round performance. The song is titled Still Hungry about a hope of becoming a better version of self. Paloalto voice goes well with Swings’ skillful rap. The song also featured Mommy Son. They had a great chemistry together on the stage.

After SMTM9

After SMTM9, he is still actively making songs and managing his label. He also guested in some variety shows and YouTube contents. For the next season of SMTM, there wasn’t any hint that Paloalto will appear again in the program. Maybe he will be featured in songs? We never know.

Paloalto is a South Korean rapper and the founder of Hi-Lite Records. He founded Hi-Lite Records in 2010 and as for now, there are 12 artists signed to the label. Hi-Lite Records has been writing history in the Korean Hip Hop scene for its artists who made numbers of hit songs.

There were so many things Paloalto did in SMTM9 . From writing songs, featured in the song, and guiding his members. This shows that he is indeed a great rapper and mentor. SMTM is blessed to have him as a producer. So, among all the songs he took part in, which one is your favorite? Tell us why!

What do you think of Paloalto SMTM 9 Producer? Will you be excited to see him come once again in future season?


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