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Offonoff Profile | A Complete Duo

Offonoff is a RnB duo that consists Colde as the singer and 0channel as the producer. offonoff profile start by introducing their music style, releasing songs in 2015 through Soundcloud. Before joining any label, offonoff posted songs in their YouTube channel and Soundcloud. The songs that they released before debuting are Dream Girl, Cloud, Pink Ocean / Bambada, interlude, midnight, and blu

Offonoff signed with HIGHGRND, as a sub-label from YG Entertainment, back in 2016. HIGHGRND was a label led by Tablo from Epik High. In 2018 the label HIGHGRND closed down, Epik High parted ways with YG Entertainment and all the artists in the label moved to different labels. Both Colde and 0channel signed to two different labels. Colde made the label wavy and 0channel joined a label Paix Per Mill. This means offonoff didn’t join any label as a duo.

Offonoff Members


In offonoff Colde is the singer and songwriter, he sang all of offonoff’s songs. He was born with the name Kim Hee-soo in 1994. He is on Instagram with the name @wavycolde. Beside offonoff, Colde actively releases solo works and collaborations with other artists. Lately, he was featured in Epik High song Rain Song.

Colde established his own label named wavy. There are also Khakii, Ahn Byeong-Woong, Jiwoo, and Apro in the label.

0channel / EOH

0channel is the producer and DJ for offonoff. He was born with the name Seo Ji-ho in 1994. His instagram account is @eohseo. 0channel changed his name to EOH. He released a single Ash featuring Miguel Atwood-Ferguson back in 2020.

Club Eskimo Crew

Both Colde and 0channel are part of the Club Eskimo crew. The other members of this crew are Punchnello, Dean, Millic, Jusen, Crush, 2xxx, Chek Parren, Miso, and Rad Museum. The name ‘Club Eskimo’ came from people who live in igloos. They want their music to be rebellious and raw like that. Club Eskimo is a big part of Offonoff profile, they still close and work together with the member of now inactive crew.

Offonoff Profile: Boy Album

Finally in 2017, offonoff released their first album boy with 12 songs included. Offonoff released 5 music videos for this album and all of them are available on their YouTube channel. Other artists like Punchnello, Rad Museum, Dean, Tablo, and Miso are featured in this album.

The songs in this album are varied. Offonoff gives a different vibe in every song but all of them are still good when you listen in order. They have groovy songs good2me and gold, slow songs like photograph, in the car, midnight, boy, homeless door, Moon 12:04am, film roll and Overthinking.

Offonoff profile: Cigarette

This album included the most popular offonoff’s song, cigarette. Cigarette is a song that made offonoff different from others. It is an English song featuring Miso and Tablo from Epik High .Cigarette is the most streamed offonoff’s song on Spotify. Until now, it has reached 23 million of streams for cigarette.

Offonoff Profile: Hiatus and solo activities.

After boy., offonoff haven’t released any music yet. No single or EPs, It has been 4 years since this album was released. So boy. is the first and last album from offonoff until now. Offonoff hasn’t released music since boy. but Colde appeared in Code Kunst Muggles Mansion album still under the name of Colde of Offonoff as a featuring in a song White AnxiEty in 2017.

Colde still sings offonoff’s songs in concerts and gigs. In Dingo Killing Voice, Colde sings some of Offonoff songs.

Offonoff Profile: Possible Reunion

Even though they don’t join any label, Offonoff never stated that they are disbanding. Colde mentioned in Park Won Kiss the Radio back in 2019 that offonoff have plans for the next album. 0channel also answered a question through his instagram story that they will return as offonoff but he was not sure when it will be.

Let us wait for upcoming updates from offonoff! All the songs they released are timeless and you can still listen to it.

Offonoff profile will keep updated in the future. What do you think about offonoff? Tell us your opinion!


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