ODEE Military Service ended

ODEE Military Service Finished | VMC Welcome Back

ODEE Military Service is ended. After become an active duty marine for 18 months, Enlist last year on 2020, the VMC Artist goes to the military in private and we just knew few months after he enlist thanks to Deepflow Instagram story. Other VMC artist such as Deepflow and QM were picking up ODEE at marine base. Welcome back ODEE!

ODEE Military Service Ended Pics

ODEE Military service ended with QM
ODEE Military service ended with Deepflow

ODEE Profile

ODEE stage name come from the abbreviation of his real name Oh Dongho (OD) but Deepflow suggest to add two E (EE) so it become easier for people to pronounce the stage name. ODEE participate on SMTM 777 and goes as far as the live stage where he lost to Superbee.

Keep up with ODEE future activities by following his Instagram @Slyodee

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