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Oceanfromtheblue Messages Release Brand New EP

Well I found it in you, it in you, it in you~ Oceanfromtheblue Messages is the name of the latest EP. The album consists of 9 tracks with two title songs:Talk! feat Marshall and Wings (Like Sisqo) feat Samuel Seo. The album draws out the warmest and brightest side hidden inside him, like the moment he came out of a long tunnel and met a ray of light. 

Brand New EP: Oceanfromtheblue Messages

He introduced the album within the description of his stage name, oceanfromtheblue (OFTB) which has a lot in its name. A broad musical spectrum like the Atlantic Ocean, the unique Gloomy that comes to mind when you think of ‘blue’ is deeply permeated throughout the music. Moreover, he explained that since his debut with Luv-fi in 2018, the first album is the starting point of an important change for him. Did the brightness and saturation of ‘Sorrow in Joy’ brighten to another dimension? 

Oceanfromtheblue Messages EP Tracklists and Credits

  1. To You 

Composed by oceanfromtheblue
Lyrics by oceanfromtheblue
Arranged by oceanfromtheblue 

  1. My love forever by my side

Composed by oceanfromtheblue, OANINE
Lyrics by oceanfromtheblue
Arranged by OANINE
Guitar by OANINE
Drums by OANINE
Bass by OANINE

  1. Talk ! (feat. Marshall)

Composed by oceanfromtheblue, MRSHLL, MOON YIRANG, Sojeso
Lyrics by oceanfromtheblue, MRSHLL
Arranged by oceanfromtheblue, MOON YIRANG, Oov, blessed., GILLA, Labii.hz, OANINE
Guitar by Sojeso 
Instruments by MOON YIRANG
Keyboards by Oov
A. Guitar by blessed. 

  1. Wings (Like Sisqo) (feat. Samuel Seo)

Composed by oceanfromtheblue, Samuel Seo, DOBERMAN
Lyrics by oceanfromtheblue, Samuel Seo
Arranged by DOBERMAN
Piano by Oov
Guitar by Labii.hz

  1. Tina (Korean Version)

Composed by oceanfromtheblue
Lyrics by oceanfromtheblue
Arranged by oceanfromtheblue 

  1. Heaven

Composed by oceanfromtheblue, HD BL4CK
Lyrics by oceanfromtheblue
Arranged by HD BL4CK
All instruments by HD BL4CK

7, Messages (interlude)

  1. For Myself

Composed by oceanfromtheblue, Sojeso, MOON YIRANG
Lyrics by oceanfromtheblue
Arranged by Sojeso, MOON YIRANG
Guitar by Sojeso

  1. Tina (English Version) (feat. Bumkey)

Composed by oceanfromtheblue, BUMKEY
Lyrics by oceanfromtheblue, BUMKEY
Arranged by oceanfromtheblue


Mixed by oceanfromtheblue
Stem mastered by NahzamSue at Wormwood Hill Studio Photography Kim Soo-yeon
Writer Kim Ah-reum
Marketing management Gahyun Kwon

Pre-released Track: Heaven and For Myself

Let’s take your time with me baby, no. I can fit you baby. I can’t lose you baby~ He stated in the description that within a Y2K urban R&B atmosphere, the track Heaven highlights oceanfromtheblue unique and high-pitched singing method, his own unique style that is not commonly found in Korea. This track is about the break-up of the couple, showing the ironic expression in the bitter situation in which the one only remembers the other’s weaknesses before break-up, but after break-up, the good things from the other linger that he compares it to ‘heaven’. 

Oceanfromtheblue Profile

Oceanfromtheblue is a South Korean R&B singer-songwriter under Nostalgia Music. Starting his career from SoundCloud, he gained popularity by releasing self-composed sensuous songs. He debuted officially in March 2018 by releasing the first EP that consisted of 10 tracks entitled Luv-Fi, which showed his impressive unique flow. Continuing his career, he is actively releasing songs, doing collabs and participating in several soundtracks.

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