Northfacegawd Profile

Northfacegawd Profile | Unique Presence and Sense of Rhythm

Northfacegawd Profile

Name: Han Sang Hoon
Birthdate: 14 June 1992
Height: 172 Cm
Crew: Starex
Instagram: @northfacegawd
Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud

Walking advertising for The North Face apparel, Northfacegawd is one of a kind rapper with unique sense of rhythm. 2020 and 2021 have been such a year for the rising rapper that catch everyone eyes and ears. His Unique presence and sense rhythm make Northfacegawd become one of the most sought featuring artist in South Korea Hiphop Scene.

Northfacegawd Profile | Pre debut as Bredy

Before debut Northfacegawd use Bredy as stage name. He’s active after he finish his military service through Soundcloud and become a featuring artist in several artist song such as Futuristic Swaver, Icey Blouie and Swervy. As Bredy, he use a singrap style which he not use it anymore when he change his name as Northfacegawd now.

Northfacegawd Profile | Stage Name Origin

Where the stage name Northfacegawd originated from? He’s actually choose the stage name because he always wear The North Face apparel, he even share that he have 5 of the same jumper because he likes it so much. Recently, Northfacegawd were sponsored by The North Face Korea brand and become a judge of their competition. Brand ambassador next?

Northfacegawd Profile | Starex Crew

Founded in 2017, Northfacegawd alrady become a part of Starex Crew even when he still use his Bredy stage name. Starex Crew member were a big fan of Chief Keef and focusing themselves in their crew songs in using similiar music style as their favorite artist.

Starex Crew Member:

  • Uneducated Kid
  • Futuristic Swaver
  • Northfacegawd
  • !magnic!
  • My Homie Tar
  • Flaordash
  • Benchpress180
  • Millham

Northfacegawd Profile | Official Debut as Blue Dream Duo

Nortfacegawd official debut come when he become a duo with Flavordash called Blue Dream. in 2019. They release a collaboration EP titled Blue Dream 2

Northfacegawd | Legendary featuring Verse

One of the strongest point of Northfacegawd is his voice tone and unique flow. Northfacegawd have many legendary featuring verse. One of it is on TOIL Forever you remix where he also give a homage to senior artist with his verse. Other featuring verse that he’s become known of is Don Mills Daebak life, Yumdda John Cena and J-tong HAHAHAHAHA.

Northfacegawd profile | Rising Hiphop Artist of 2021

Northfacegawd also become one of the rising artist that become the talks of avid Korean hip hop listener especially in hiphop forums. Northfacegawd were voted as one of the rising artist on Hiphople The Rise Season. Voted by user in hiphople forum/bulletin board. He’s also have his own Rising verse on Dingo Freestyle.

Not only that Northfacegawd were also highly tauted by senior hip hop artist such as The Quiett, Yumdda & Beenzino. Beenzino even recommended Northfacegawd as one of his top 5 K-rapper in his vlog episode.

Northfacegawd Profile | Show Me The Money 10 appearance

There’s only 2 episode so far, a little too soon to judge how far Northfacegawd will go on SMTM 10. Yet Northfacegawd is a breath of fresh air amid other returnee rapper that we already know what to expect. Each round Northfacegawd will bring a new unique style that catch everyone attention.

Northfacegawd profile will keep being updated as there gonna be more information about him in the future


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