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Mushvenom SMTM 9 Journey | Reach Runner Up with his own Style

MUSHVENOM, born with the name Lee Tae-Min is a South Korean rapper who debuted independently back in 2019.  Known for his accent and unique voice, he made his appearance in Mnet’s Show Me the Money season 9.

In Show Me the Money 9, he reached the final stage and became the runner up for this season. He was in the JUSTHIS and GroovyRoom team. Since the first episode, he already got people and judges attention with his unique voice and witty lyrics.

Mushvenom SMTM 9 1st round. Unique Voice and flow that awe everyone

Yo, MUSHVENOM! The first qualification round, contestants should show their acapella rap to one of the producers. MUSHVENOM was judged by Zion.T, he showed his witty lyrics and made the audience laugh, even Zion.T himself. His unique voice brought him to the next round, which was a 60 seconds team selection. The song he perform on 1st round become an official song titled Let’s See.

MUSHVENOM 2nd Fire Round

In the second round, he sang a song titled I Don’t Know You, produced by Lee Young-Jae. His 60 seconds rap got an All Pass and brought him to the JUSTHIS and GroovyRoom team. One of the best performance of Mushvenom SMTM 9 2nd round.

The third round is the leader selection cypher. In this round, every team has to choose three leaders for the next challenge. MUSHVENOM was chosen as the leader, thus, he had to pick two other members to join his team. Mushvenom voice and flow can be used at any type of beat.

MUSHVENOM SMTM 9 x Miranni x Owen – Indigo beat

MUSHVENOM originally didn’t choose other members since the other participants already picked their team. For the triple crew battle, he teamed with the rest of member who doesnt get picked: Miranni and Owen Ovadoz. Contrary to everyone expectation, n the third qualification round they become the first place with the legendary beat IndiGo, made by BRLLNT.

In this round, Mirani made a lyrical mistake and she lost the beat, but MUSHVENOM helped her with his beatbox, making the song end like normal. Mirani said this through a video on ODG youtube channel, where she watched her journey in Show Me the Money 9 with Harang, the member of ODG.

MUSHVENOM x Miranni – Their VVS version

After the qualification round, they got into the team battle. In this round, they sing the most popular song of Show Me the Money 9, which is VVS. This song is produced by GroovyRoom and JUSTHIS sang the hook. This song placed high in the music chart for a long period of time. This song has reached a million views on youtube even though it hasn’t been a year since it was released.

In this round, OWEN voluntarily drop out from the program because ongoing issue with MKITRAIN illegal usage of marijuana that become media headline for weeks. So it made MUSHVENOM and Mirani continue the battle without him. Even though the other team has three members, they still have to continue the battle and it made MUSHVENOM having two verses in the song. But he still handle it well even though he made it only in a few days. With their version of VVS, MUSHVENOM and Mirani won the battle against Khundi Phanda, Munchman, and Kidd King. So both MUSHVENOM and Mirani didn’t face the elimination, they continued to the team diss battle round.

After the Kidd King elimination, JUSTHIS and GroovyRoom team members became official. The members are MUSHVENOM, Mirani, Khundi Phanda, and Munchman. And the song VVS is officially released on all streaming platforms with these members.

VVS SMTM 9 Song that Top Domestic Music Chart

MUSHVENOM SMTM 9 DIss Battle: With Miranni battle Kaogaii & Untell

The next round is the Most anticipated team diss battle, they have to face the other team which is BewhY and Dynamic Duo team that consists of Untell, Huh!, DSEL, and Kaogaii. MUSHVENOM and Mirani both against Untell and Kaogaii. MUSHVENOM rap to a song titled ROCKSTAR by DaBaby. The diss battle become witty since MUSHVENOM used a lot kinds of his unique voice to make fun Kaogaii.

MUSHVENOM SMTM 9 individual round perform Tricker

On the official stage round, MUSHVENOM sang Tricker, produced by GroovyRoom. He showed his serious  side with this song. The stage was filled with back dancers and made the performance more interesting. He performed this song without any features with other artists.

MUSHVENOM SMTM 9 Semi Final, Godok

MUSHVENOM SMTM 9 journey continue, he made it to the next stage, which is the semifinal round. He brought a song titled Godok and has SUPERBEE as the featured artist. The song is produced by the producer of his team, GroovyRoom. The stage is also on another level, shock everyone with his stage presence.

With Godok, MUSHVENOM made it to the final round after beating Untell. With the 1.062.420 KRW difference, MUSHVENOM won by 3.847.290 KRW, and advanced to the final round. MUSHVENOM became the only independent rapper that hasn’t joined any label who advanced to the final round.

SMTM 9 Final. MUSHVENOM last push

At the final round, the four contestants should prepare two songs. In the first song, MUSHVENOM sang Go with Simon Dominic and The Quiett. Simon Dominic were actually one of the guest panelist and it was so surprising that he suddenly take the mic to have a featuring with MUSHVENOM.

MUSHVENOM SMTM 9 FInal performance with Jessi and Justhis

Next for the second song of the final round, MUSHVENOM brought Jessi and JUSTHIS to his song titled The Beauty of Void. This is MUSHVENOM SMTM 9 last performance, only the winner announcement left.

In the winner announcement, all the four rappers gathered with their producer team and waited for the result. The result of the voting made Swings as the fourth winner, and Layone as the third winner or second runner-up of this season.

The final announcement of this season is the winner announcement between MUSHVENOM and lIlBOI. After calculating the votes, the final winner of this season is lIlBOI of Geeks, and MUSHVENOM SMTM 9 runner up.

Mushvenom SMTM 9 Journey just the start, Continue

MUSHVENOM SMTM 9 journey is ended, but his journey as musician continue, released a song with JUSTHIS titled Take It, produced by GroovyRoom. This shows that they still have a good relationship even after the show. They released a music video through MUSHVENOM and H1GHRMUSIC YouTube channel on February 16th 2021.

MUSHVENOM is also appeared in Show Me the Money 10 Crew Cypher, a teaser for Show Me the Money 10 alongside with Wonstein and lIlBOI. This video posted in Jult 8th 2021, as a promotion to Show Me the Money season 10. The video launched before the Show Me the Money 10 application period closed.

Mushvenom SMTM 10 Crew Cypher

No one does it like MUSHVENOM. Until now, he is still working independently managing his own career, flexing his own music style. We always look forward to MUSHVENOM future activities and music

Follow his socials on Instagram @mushvenom and YouTube channel so you won’t miss his updates!


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