MRSHLL XYZ | MRSHLL Spoke His Heart Out About Unrequited Love

After deciding to take some break from music after the release of show me what U got in July, MRSHLL came back again with an EP in October, titled XYZ. The EP consists of 6 tracks that came with 90s/00s R&B and Soul vibes that fits perfectly with MRSHLL soothing voice.

With the help of his friends and acquaintances who assisted him on finding inspiration and did the featuring on some of his tracks, the EP wrapped up neatly and quickly. The EP was inspired by MRSHLL experiences on going through an unrequited love.

Lyric Video | MRSHLL – 4EVeR Lyric Video

One of the tracks from the EP, 4EVeR came with a lyric video that makes it easier for the listener to understand the lyrics. The lyric video concept was made simple, with the shot of a park scenery with the lyrics popping out as the music goes was more than enough to portray a beautiful and well made lyric video.

Tracklist | MRSHLL – XYZ Tracklist


1. FooLISH

2. WHAZ GooD (Feat. Bizzy)

3. DRiNK 2 4GET (Feat. oceanfromtheblue)

4. DATE NiTE (Feat. Yoon Mirae)

5. 4EVeR


Profile | MRSHLL Profile

Marshall Bang, widely known as MRSHLL is a Korean-American singer and songwriter who debuted under Feel Ghood Music in 2018. MRSHLL gained public attention when he appeared on the sixth season of Show Me the Money as a featuring artist for the eventual third place winner of the competition, Woo Wonjae. 

Throughout his career, MRSHLL has released a lot of tracks and collaborated with numbers of talented musicians. Names such as Yoon Mirae, Sokodomo and Ugly Duck once featured in his songs.

Perfect Time to Listen to XYZ?

Just like what MRSHLL stated, XYZ was inspired by his past memories about him experiencing the bittersweet of unrequited love. For those who just went through an unrequited love, this song suits the best. Or for those who just wanna listen to an easy and chilling R&B music from MRSHLL, his soothing voice was perfect to comfort our ears when we listen to the EP in the late night.

Stream now! XYZ is available on various music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Melon Music and more.

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