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Mommy Son South Korea Real Estate Price Critics | Open Letter for President Moon Jae In

Rapper Mommy Son recently made headline not only in Hip Hop Community but also general publics by writing an open letter to South Korea President Moon Jae in through Korean Joongang Daily. He’s sarcastically said that he want to buy the Blue House (South Korean version of presidential palace/white house, an executive office and official residence of the president)

Here’s the full translation of Mommy Son South Korea Real Estate Price critics

To President Moon Jae-in

Hello, I’m a man in his 30s living in Seoul who just opened his eyes to real estate. have a dream, to buy 100㎡ (30ft²) new apartment in a nice place in Seoul.

The reason why I am writing to you out of the blue is because I am interested in the place where the president currently resides. In fact, I even looked around some real estate around Gyeongbokgung Station to find out the relevant information about your current residence. But everyone was looking at me with a ridiculous expression. “Why are you wearing such a ridiculous and lewd color mask, isn’t it something about YouTube that’s popular these days?” They even ask questions like that. I think they decided that I wasn’t a real customer because I was driving my bike instead of a decent car, and because of the lint on the mask, I didn’t look like a real customer!

To confess, I once lived near Gyeongbokgung Station in my early 20s. That was the only happy memory for me, so I thought I should live around Seoul someday.

Around Gyeongbokgung Palace, there is a walking course that I like, from Gyeongbokgung Station to Samcheong Park Malbawi Hill through Blue House. It’s about an hour and a half round trip, and I’ve been enjoying this road for over 10 years. In fact, it’s a secret walking course that only I want to know. If you go down from the top of Malbawi Hill and look around downtown Seoul, there is a ox knee soup restaurant that I often go to right in front of the park, and this place is amazing.

My dream now is to live in a new apartment, but I once wanted to live in a house with a yard as a personal hope. The apartment is so stuffy. Actually, this is where my worries begin. Doesn’t everyone say, “From an investment perspective, the actual purchase of an apartment is more unconditional than a house or a villa?” When I didn’t know what was going on in the world, I didn’t even hear this with my ears. Why do people live with such snobbish thoughts? Isn’t a house supposed to be comfortable and good for me to live in? But as I said before, I am a real estate dreamer who has just woken up! I realized it late, though, because of the nagging people around me. When it comes to finding a house, approaching it with a childish romance will end up wasting time and money like the end of a failed date. But what’s strange is that the nagging of the people around me was like nagging themselves at the same time. I think it was hard to get rid of the childish romance that everyone had at least once.

The story is a bit off

President Moon Jae-in, I want to buy a 30ft² apartment someday, not a house with a yard in Seoul. But I can never buy a 30ft² apartment with my pure earned income alone. Even though I earn quite a lot compared to ordinary workers. Those ordinary office workers are my old friends.

“Let’s buy Blue House”

That’s why we’ve come up with this amazing plan. “Let’s buy the Blue House! Trying to buy a house with only one’s salary is a fool in the world!” So, I decided to buy and sell the Blue House for investment purposes. I heard that Gangnam apartments are more expensive than most castles in Europe, so is Blue House not more expensive than that? That’s what I thought.

So I’d like to inquire carefully. In the president’s view, is your current location an attractive investment destination? Can we afford to increase the price in the future? Since it’s a valuable item, it’s unknown when it’ll be on the market, but I’m going to prepare it by studying in advance. In order to do that, I’m curious about the perspective of the person who is currently living.

First of all, some of the advantages I thought of were good feng shui geography and good security. Also, there are many good restaurants around, and I like the high quality premium service in the Blue House residential complex. The historical values of the past and the present, including Gyeongbokgung Palace, and the global surroundings are also attractive. The educational environment is easy, and the cultural infrastructure such as the art museum and the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts is well established. And no matter how rich and famous you are, I like your dignity as a limited residential complex that only entitles you to live for five years.

But one thing that’s unfortunate is that it’s about 20 minutes’ walk from Gyeongbokgung Station, so it’s a bit vague to call it a station zone. (based on Naver Maps). Actually, I’m a little worried because I heard from my friend that real estate is location first, location second, and location third.

The co-owners (nationals) live in monthly rent

In order to approach it more carefully, we are also considering actual residence through monthly rent before purchasing. In this case, it is related to the quality of my life for at least two years, so there are natural questions to ask. I’d like to ask the landlord directly about this part, can I have your contact number? I heard that quite a few people are co-owners of Blue House, but they go from place to place across the country and can’t even comfortably live in monthly rent.

President Moon Jae-in, These days, people talk a lot about real estate on YouTube or the news. Each of us has a lot to say, so we fight a lot.

Couples fight, children and parents fight. As harsh words pour out, they get used to it and volatilize easily and fly away from the back of their ears. Everyone is tired and everyone is sad for some reason.

Seoul viewed from the top of Samcheong Park has the same walls and roofs, but they are all different walls and roofs that determine a person’s origin.

Can I and my friends buy an apartment in Seoul someday?

It rained briefly while walking in Samcheong Park this morning. When I saw two snails crawling, I thought, “Is your house big or my house bigger?” so I just laughed alone. I’m now a slug anyway.

Mr. President, you’re struggling in difficult times. Everyone must have their own difficulties. If you just want to hear stories of young people, I’ll treat you to a bowl of ox knee soup at the Doganitang restaurant in front of Samcheong Park. Always be healthy.

Mommy Son

Mommy Son Profile

Mommy Son South Korea rapper that start gaining popularity back in 2018 when he’s appear on SMTM 777. Despite many people suspect that he’s the same person as Mad Clown, he keep denying it and start making a name for himself in the Music Industry. Mommy Son were also the CEO of Beautiful Noise label, a music label consist of Wonstein, Zior Park, and Kim Seungmin.

WHat do you think of Mommy Son using his platform to critics the high price of real estate/housing in South Korea? Let us know int he comment section below!


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