MIRANI SMTM 9 | Show The World Work Hard Never Betrayed

My life is shining like a VVS, VVS~ This phrase must be melodic for every Korean hip hop enthusiast around the world. The song itself is charted pretty well in Korean domestic charts. One of them is the one who filled the opening verse, a lovely female rapper, MIRANI. Here’s MIRANI SMTM 9 Journey

Back then, no one paid attention to MIRANI, the pink haired female rapper. She was just an underground female rapper who did music independently. She even had no agency. But after MIRANI SMTM 9 Appearance she became famous and loved by many people. What is her charming point? Let’s find it out by doing a little flashback to her journey throughout the season!

MIRANI Unique Audition Video | Rap and Little Dance 

MIRANI SMTM 9 Application. She was clever in making everyone pay attention to her video. Within her pink haired ponytail, she started by showing a bit of unique dance movement, which is cute. Her rap was also fine, she plays with the tone of her high-pitched voice. Her video was watched more than 300,000 views. She released the full version of the song entitled Tic Tac after passing the audition. Tic Tac!

60 Seconds Team Rapper Selection | MIRANI SMTM 9 Fate

The second round selection in SMTM 9 included team selection, meaning that the rapper who got a pass chose or got chosen by the producer right away. MIRANI only got one pass from the Zion.T X Giriboy team due to her off-key in the middle of her performance, and sadly didn’t get chosen after. Nevertheless, fate must be on her side. There were several empty seats in three teams and she got one of them. She took the one and only seat left in Groovyroom X Justhis team by the revival round. MIRANI, hang in there! 

MIRANI Awe Performance as The Closing in Leader Selection Cypher

Advanced to the next round, MIRANI was in the dangerous position. She had to show her worthiness if she didn’t want to get eliminated again. MIRANI was eager to show her ability in this cypher mission. She kept walking to the middle whenever the beat changed, wanting to take the beat and rapping, but she couldn’t get the chance to rap. It made her naturally perform last. 

MIRANI was already spreading her unique charms from the start, she pulled out unique adlibs, which made the attention centered to her. Her lyrics were about herself who is now still in the bottom but is about to be upgraded to the top. Her performance this time got applauded by the others and she was complemented by the producers. “I got goosebumps. MIRANI is really good.” said Gaeko. 

Team-up with Mushvenom in Triple Crew Battle

MIRANI SMTM 9 journey continye by joining Mushvenom in a triple crew battle. At that moment, she was the only one left when the other two groups decided to inaugurate their team. It made her approach Mushvenom and offer herself to join his team. Mushvenom welcoming her and they become a team.

MIRANI started her part smoothly which made every producer bounce along. Unluckily, she messed up her lyrics in the middle of her performance. It made her stop for a while but Mushvenom made her calm by saying, “Let’s go! Keep going,”  supported her to continue rapping. Taking the leader’s energy, MIRANI continued rapping her verse well without more mistakes.

Dominating the Domestic Chart with VVS | MIRANI Finally Got the Recognition 

For the song battle mission, Mushvenom crew song appointed a cinematic portrayal of how one overcomes their past self to shine like a high clarity diamond, VVS. In this performance, they were under a massive pressure due to the sudden departure of one member crew. In the situation, they exhibited a well-made performance as a duo, got praised a lot by the producers. Gaeko explained that he felt he watched a sudden stop from nationwide concerts artists, “It feels like they’ve worked together for a long time.” Paloalto also praised MIRANI, “First of all, MIRANI came up from the Revival Round. It made me think that it’s good that she is here. I believe that MIRANI made the performance melodious.”

After the official release, VVS immediately dominated the domestic chart, showing the enthusiasm from netizens. Along with it, MIRANI and her VVS dance were also trending, which made her upload the video of her dancing to the chorus in instagram. MIRANI is now loved by many! 

MIRANI SMTM 9 Diss Battle Against | versus Untell

Groovyroom X Justhis team had to compete against Dynamic Duo X BewhY team, in which MIRANI had to face Untell, the young rapper who was already experienced in rap survival shows. Thanks to his transparent journey, MIRANI came up with an idea of mocking his past. 

She heated up the atmosphere with a good rhyming opening, making the audience scream excitedly. MIRANI SMTM 9 diss battle us using the I’m Back beat originally by Eminem. This beat was first used by Swings in his diss track Addsp2ch and also used by Olltti to diss Untell in the previous season. Carried by Munchman, she started the diss with the line “Untell this brat freaking can’t rap”, which was back then used by Olltti against Untell. 

Her diss successfully attacked Untell, it was shown from his face expression that he was annoyed. The audience also went crazy with every line of her diss.

Quarterfinals Mic Selection | Achoo featuring pH-1 and Haon

For the quarterfinals, MIRANI had to face cruel mic selection against her neighborhood friend who started music together, Munchman, for the song entitled Achoo. The luck is again in her side, the producers choose to give her the mic and go up to perform. 

Achoo is a song containing MIRANI story about leaving her cold past behind and achieving her dream. Throughout the performance, MIRANI SMTM 9 quarter final performance overflowed her eagerness-to-reach-the-top energy, making the audience able to feel what she tried to deliver. She ended the performance with her shouting, “Shotout to Munchman!” She won the voting against Skyminhyuk from the Zion.T X Giriboy team.

MIRANI SMTM 9 Performance Achoo is made as Remix

After the song was released, it charted pretty well in the domestic chart. Even the producers Groovyroom released the remix version with 20 artists, including Munchman, participating on it. Winter on my body, Achoo~

Semi-final as MIRANI SMTM 9 last appearance

MIRANI SMTM 9 journey ended in the Semifinal because she lost against Lilboi of GEEKS from the Zion.T X Giriboy producer team. She performed Part Time  with Queen Wasabi. It is a song for everyone in this world who worked part time to achieve their dreams, which was what MIRANI did before appearing in SMTM 9.

MIRANI has been working as a part-timer since her college life. Her mother had to open a bar to keep living. She was completely encouraged by the situation, wanting her mother to stop working and live in a better condition. It was revealed that even though her situation was difficult, she was able to graduate from university. She also had a good record in school by being the class president in elementary and high school. MIRANI wanted everyone to know her story and also encourage others who faced the similar life path. In the end, she closed both Mirani SMTM 9 journey and her mother bar, because now she is loved and her dreams as a female rapper are achieved! 

MIRANI SMTM 9 post activities | Signed with Area 


MIRANI signed with her producer team, Groovyroom, fresh label, Area. After joining the label, she immediately released a double-single Daisy. Consisting of two songs, she describes in the album “I am no longer afraid of spring.” She got pH-1 as the featured artist for the title song, Daisy and Justhis for the second song Open Up. Looking at her track record right now, she is the definition of work hard never betrayed. We’re looking forward to MIRANI charming and good music in the future!

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