Mirani Lambo

Mirani Lambo! Can You See Me Now?

Last year, Mirani become the dark horse in SMTM 9 after going as far as the semifinal. Mirani Lambo! is the latest single from the rapper from AREA that have been teasing her upcoming album on social media. This time she’s working with Uneducated Kid for featuring artist and Boycold as producer for the music.

Mirani Lambo! Music Video

Can you see me now?

Mirani Lambo! Credits

Mirani Lambo! Cover

Lyricist: Mirani, Uneducated Kid
Composer: Mirani, Boycold
Arranger: Boycold

Mirani Profile

A university student of clothing industry department of Ewha Woman University, Mirani route to become a musician is not an easy one. Prior to joining SMTM 9, Mirani need to juggle her time between studies, helping out at mom restaurant while creating music. Now an artist of AREA, Mirani is a successful full fledge musician. Not only her music is loved by listener but also land advertising deals here and there.

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