He already has a big popularity in the underground hip hop scene with the name Hugeboy Mino. In 2015, he joined the TV program Show Me the Money by Mnet and got a bigger reputation for his rapping skill. Let’s do a flashback about Mino SMTM 4 appearance This program got a bigger number of applicants than the last season. SMTM4 has 4 producer teams that are Tablo with Jinusean, Jay Park with Loco, Zico with Paloalto, and San E with Verbal Jint.

Song Min-ho or betterly known as Mino is an idol group member WINNER that debuted under YG Entertainment in 2014. WINNER is a male idol group that debuted after winning the survival show WIN : Who Is Next by YG Entertainment. This show got a lot of attention and made WINNER very popular even though they just debuted.

MINO SMTM 4 Preliminary Round

MINO SMTM 4 first appearance come in Preliminary Round. Judged by his best friend, Zico, he showed his acappela rap in front of Zico and he passed the first round. He made the line ‘show Mino money’ as a wordplay of ‘show me the money’ in his rap. A lot of people are already anticipating his presence in the show, when it comes to his turn people are watching him and giving applause after he finished.

Mino SMTM 4 2nd Fire Round

TMino mentioned that he joined the show because he wanted to, unlike other people thinking that he joined because Bobby, who is also from YG Entertainment, won the last season. He said this in the second Preliminary Round of audition where he has to rap for 60 seconds in front of all the producers.

SMTM 4 third round is the random cypher that was judged by all the producers and a special judge, Snoop Dogg. He showed his short rap with the beat played randomly.

Mino SMTM 4 Team Mission | Legendary Turtle Ship!

Mino SMTM 4 Team Mission. In this round his team perform Turtle Ship. This is one of the songs that are popular throughout this season. Turtle ship in this song symbolizes that they are survivors who ride the boat. Zico and Paloalto team showed good chemistry together. They even wore matching clothes! Even after SMTM4 ended, this song is still popular and Hi-Lite Records released a remix for this song.

Mino SMTM 4 Diss Battle

The next round is the most raw performance Mino ever did. It was finally the Diss Battle Round! This round has a lot of controversy due to the unfair competition process. Previously after the Song Battle Round, each team had to eliminate one rapper. So that the 3 members of the team will do the Diss Battle Round facing another team.

In Diss Battle, each rapper faces another rapper in a 1 vs 1 battle. But the team that Mino was against changed the eliminated contestant 2 days before the battle. His battle opponent changed and Mino had to change his whole lyrics. Even though this is a battle, there must be a rule. That was why so many people thought this problem was very unfair.

Mino originally had to diss Hanhae. but becase San E and Verbal Jint changed the eliminated contestant he instead dissing Black Nut. Mino ame to San E who was watching the battle outside the ring and dissed him.

Mino SMTM 4 Individual Round

After the raw battle ended, finally the official stage is coming. Mino was against lIlBOI and sang moneyflow with the producer, Paloalto and Zico. The stage burned into fire when they sang this rock type of song. The audience were excited and they were hyped up watching Mino performance. He won against lIlBOI and advanced to the next round.

MINO SMTM 4 legendary song: Fear feat Taeyang

In the next round, he made an emotional song Fear telling about his life as a celebrity and a human. This song is completed with Taeyang from BIGBANG voice. His father came to watch him and the stage became more emotional when he came to his father and rapped in front of him.

After SMTM4, this song is still on everyone’s playlist. Both Zico and Mino got praises for this song. Mino said in a radio show that people from his fans until other celebrities told him that this song helped them when they are facing a hard time. His emotion and honesty that he showed with the song can relate to everyone who listens.

Besides SMTM, Zico also actively made songs for other artists. When he was asked if there was any song that he wished it was his, he said that his first answer would be Fear. Zico said Fear is his best masterpiece he ever produced. Both Mino and Zico talked again about this song in 2019 on a radio show.

Mino SMTM 4 Iconic Song: Okey Dokey

Mino finally made it to the final and faced Basick. In the first stage of the final, he sang the song Okey Dokey with Zico. They showed great teamwork on the stage and made the performance fun. Okey Dokey received a lot of love for its catchy and addictive hook. Until now, their Okey Dokey performance got 32 million views. The song rise again in popularity after appear in the hit drama – True Beauty.

He was one stage away from winning the season. For his second stage in the Final Round, Mino sang Victim + Cheers with B-Free. This is the last performance he made in the season. His team mates from Zico and Paloalto team watched his performance and helped Mino with his properties. They supported Mino from the audience and cheered for him.

Mino took second place in SMTM4. Even though he didn’t win the first place of the competition, his songs are very popular. A lot of people even thought he was the winner because his songs topped the music chart.

Mino Activities After SMTM4

After MINO SMTM 4 appearance, he actively works in WINNER and in 2016 in MOBB unit with Bobby. Finally he released his first solo album XX in 2018 with the title song Fiance. In 2020, he was back with his second full album TAKE with the title song Runaway. He also participated in variety shows and became an official member of New Journey to the West. He once became a mentor in a hip hop survival show My Major is Hiphop with Zion.T.

SMTM10 Producer

Six years passed after SMTM4, Mino is finally back to the show. This time, he will become a producer and teamed with Gray from AOMG. A lot of people have been waiting for him to become a producer for SMTM. He finally became the producer but no one ever imagined he would team up with Gray. They are the first producer to be announced in the SMTM10 producer line. People can’t wait to see them in the show. We are already curious what song he will make for SMTM 10!

What do you think of MINO SMTM 4 Journey? He’s ready to become a producer on SMTM 10 and judge fellow contestant in the program.


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