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Mino Profile | Never Run Out of Charms

MINO Proffile. MINO of Winner is well respected in the South Korean music industry. He has it all: witty rap lyrics, flow, amazing painter, and also variety shows genius! Who knows behind those successful careers he has now, he was struggling a lot way back then. Debuted with wrong teams, left by friends, even being manipulated by his old agency. Here is the journey of MINO from nothing to something! 

MINO Profile 

Stage name : MINO
Birth name : Song Min-ho (송민호)
Position : Main Rapper, Vocalist.
Birthday : March 30th, 1993
Zodiac Sign : Aries
Blood type : A
Instagram : @realllllmino

MINO Profile | The Beginning of MINO Career

MINO met P.O in high school and started rapping at that time, they went to Zico who is a year older to audition. After a lot of twists and turns, they were all the candidates for debut in Block B. However, Mino failed to debut due to contract issues and had to leave. Two years later, in 2011, Mino debuted in a ballad group named B.O.M with the stage name Tagoon. 

Mino shares that in his first debut, he was the one who wrote the songs but his agency registered another person’s name, meaning that he got no royalties from the songs he wrote. Mino said, “I couldn’t even dream of hip-hop, so I had to do ballads. Still, being on stage was more important. Even if I made a song, my name didn’t go up, so I didn’t get any royalties.” His struggle to pursue his dreams as a rapper was heartbreaking. Two years later, the group disbanded. 

MINO Profile | Join YG Entertainment and Won the Survival Show 

MINO never gave up on his dreams. He was accepted as YG Trainee after his group disbanded. The company straight up created a survival show namely WIN: Who Is Next for debuting a new boy group. MINO as Team A member showing his great rap skills which are loved by producers and fans. His group, Team A is the winner of the survival shows, and debuted as WINNER after the show’s end. Here is the start of MINO profile in Korean music industry.

MINO as WINNER member | Sentimental yet Sharp Rapper

MINO, as the member of WINNER, shows his ability to write a sentimental yet witty rap flow. He wrote all of his verses, even composed the songs for the groups. Even though the group is not fully hip hop, MINO fits well with his artistic, sentimental and sometimes bright lyrics through the group’s songs. All the members extended their contract with current agency and we will be looking forward to more of their great music in the future!

MINO Profile | Runner-up of SMTM 4

After Bobby of iKON winning SMTM 3, MINO joined the next season of the show. In this survival show, MINO was finally able to show his ability and did the genre that he loves: hip hop. His journey throughout the show was impressive. He nearly became the winner of the shows. Even though he closed the show as the runner up, the songs he created with his producer team Zico and Paloalto became hits in the Korean Hip Hop industry.

From the group song Turtleship, then Okey Dokey, which is still a jam until now, and his legendary performance with Taeyang entitled Fear, still remains unforgettable. Even most people think he is the winner of the season. MINO strengthened what Bobby tried to show from the previous season, “Not all rap-idols cannot rap.”

MINO Profile | MOBB: Duo Activities with Bobby

MINO and Bobby seem like the representative of successful idol rappers, maybe that’s the reason why YG Entertainment teamed them up together as a duo to release an album. The duo MOBB released an album in 2016 entitled The MOBB which contained four songs: two duo songs and two solos for each. Besides promoting like idols: performing on music shows, YG also promoted the duo like how rappers usually do, gigging at the clubs! They went to the Gabbia club and performed there.

MINO Profile | Solo Activities

MINO finally released his first solo album XX in 2018. He produced all the songs in his first solo album and unfolded his own music color. He explained the reason he called this album as XX, “I didn’t want to fit the album name into a predefined word or put a limit in a limited meaning”. The title song, Fiancé, dominated the Korean domestic chart right when the album was released.

2 year after the first album, MINO released his second album TAKE. It contains the heart of artist and producer Song Min-ho, who wants to be remembered for a long time like the 12 impressive TAKE in the movie. If the first album shows the strong image, this album contains several genres such as hip-hop, R&B, and ballad. 

MINO Profile | SMTM10 MINO: From Contestant to Producer 

MINO, who was the contestant of SMTM season 4, came back to SMTM season 10 as the producer team along with Gray. They teamed up and called their team GRAYNOMA. Gray explained that before they never worked together and just knew each other earlier this year. Thanks to the show, we are able to see the combination of two talented producers in this season!

Mino profile will keep being updated when there’s more update in the future


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