Milena Night Train

Milena Night Train | Wavy New Artist Debut

Wavy announce new artist recently. It’s also their first female artist! Milena is the new artist of Colde agency Wavy and she’s just debut with the single Night Train. Milena join Wavy that have Colde, Ahn Byungwoong, Khakii, Apro, Jiwoo & Honno. Can’t wait for the collaboration between the artist!

Milena Night Train Live Clip

Not referring to the music video but to the live clip. Live clip of Night Train show us Milena not only have a great voice but also a solid violin player, she even become a violinist for Colde song Don’t Leave me my love. Milena also a producer that already help produce track for Wavy artist and others such as Heize in the track Missed Call.

Milena Night Train Credits

Milena NIght Train cover

Lyrics by Milena
Composed by Milena, basecamp
Arranged by Milena, basecamp

Chorus by Milena
Guitar by Ukjin
Bass by Ukjin
Piano by Han Seongjun

Listen to Milena Night Train on Spotify and Apple Music

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