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In My Room l The Motley Full-Length Album By meenoi

The bubbly young female artist, meenoi, finally released her first full-length album titled In My Room after almost 3 years of her musical career. The full album was released on October 13, 2021 with total 9 tracks included. 2 tracks chosen by the artist as the title tracks of the album, Salang Salang and Fuxk off. meenoi alerted the public with the release of In My Room on October 4 through her personal Instagram page by posting the teaser images alongside the release date of the album.

meenoi For Her First Full Album In My Room Photoshoot

Meenoi In My Room teaser
Instagram @xxjwpx

meenoi had given some hints to her fans on Instagram by leaking the release date of her forthcoming full-length album on September 13. Of course the spoiler has drawn public’s attention and they highly anticipating for meenoi’s first full album. One of the tracks from In My Room was a pre-release single by meenoi featuring LOCO entitled I can’t wait!. The music video of I can’t wait! was also uploaded on 8BallTown youtube channel along with the release of the single on July 9, 2021.

Tracklist Of In My Room By meenoi

Meenoi in my room teaser 2

In My Room

<01> LIVIN (intro)

<02> Salang Salang *title

<03> Fuxk off *title

<04> Fish

<05> In My Room (interlude)

<06> Cook (feat. JONGHAN)

<07> for wallet

<08> I can’t wait! (feat. LOCO)

<09> Smooth (outro)

meenoi truly filled the album with her bizarre yet fetching color that makes In My Room become an irresistible work from the artist. Focusing on the striking vibes and playful lyrics, meenoi successfully spoon-feed the listeners with her subtle music. The fresh album In My Room is packed with pop R&B tracks that befitting pretty well with the fall season. The stellar vocal performed by meenoi on this album also spell bound the listeners without fail.

The Official Music Video Of Salang Salang By meenoi

For her first full-length album, meenoi released 2 music videos from both of her title tracks of In My Room, Salang Salang and Fuxk off. As expected, meenoi’s cute and prepossessing charm flooded through the music videos. meenoi also showed her acting and dancing flair on the music video of Fuxk off. Shocking the fans, rapper LOCO made an unexpected short appearance at the last clip of Fuxk off music video.

LOCO Starred On The M/V Of Fuxk off By meenoi

Her previous release, I can’t wait! is a pre-release single of In My Room, bringing prominent rapper LOCO as the featured artist of the song. meenoi also released the official music video for I can’t wait! in which LOCO appeared on the M/V too. Both meenoi and LOCO showed great chemistry in the music video of I can’t wait!. The music video of I can’t wait has surpassed 1 million views on Youtube, showing how  exultant the public has reacted to the collaboration between the artists.

Performance Of Salang Salang By meenoi On M Countdown Ep.729 

meenoi doing plenty of types of promotion for her first full-length album In My Room. Such as appearing in M Countdown, Dingo Freestyle and ODG series. On the M Countdown by Mnet, meenoi performed Salang Salang on the stage admiringly with the back dancers. meenoi successfully showed her enlivening dance and the sweet-sounding voice of her. She even did the ending pose like what idols always do.

meenoi As The Guest Of ODG Series On Youtube

meenoi Profile

Kim Minyoung or widely known with the stage name meenoi is a rising artist on the South Korean hip-hop R&B scene who signed to 8BallTown, a record label established by Kirin. meenoi made her debut in 2019 under Inplanet Music on July 31, 2019 with  a single titled NDGGA. Before releasing her first full-length album, meenoi had her own program on youtube named “Meenoi’s Yorizori”. The program has 4 episodes in its first season with guest stars like LOCO, Quaddurup, Lee Hi, Suhyun of AKMU and WOO.

meenoi’s Yorizori Season 1, First Episode With LOCO

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