MAMA 2021 Nomination

MAMA 2021 Nomination | Best Hiphop and Urban Music

Yearly event that started in 2009. MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) gave award to multiple genre and categories, including Best Hiphop and Urban Music. Here’s MAMA 2021 Nomination for Best Hiphop and Urban Music

MAMA 2021 Nomination Best Hiphop and Urban Music | Ash Island Melody

Released on 25th of February 2021, Melody is the highest charted Ash Island song so far. A pre-release track for upcoming ISLAND album, Melody is produced by SMTM 10 producer TOIL and also have a helping hand from Skinny Brown. The addictive hook and melancholy lyrics made this song have been on repeat by 2.5 Million of Unique Listener in Melon.

MAMA 2021 Nomination Best Hiphop and Urban Music | Changmo GJD

Released on 13th of November 2020. GJD is an abbreviation of Gwangjang-Dong, a neighborhood that Changmo grow up from. A diary of his life, the song contain personal story of Changmo that lots of people can relate to. Changmo have been rising since the success of his song Meteor and even though its been a year since he release any music, people still listening to his song release on repeat and have been staying on top100 of Melon Chart.

MAMA 2021 Nomination Best Hiphop and Urban Music | Jessi What Type of X

Released on 17th of March 2021, What type of X is the next hit song of Jessi after the successful Nunu Nana, A song described as Pop Rock genre that infused song elements of synth and trap. Already viewed by 56 million of viewers, the song not only show Jessi strong rap but also her vocals.

MAMA 2021 Nomination Best Hiphop and Urban Music | MINO Run Away

Released on 30th of October 2020. Run Away is the title track of MINO Take album, a sentimental song that portray the desire of wanting to run away from the emotion of love and breakups. A hit song with 55 thousand likes in Melon, Mino of WINNER have been recognized not only as idol member but also as a top hip hop artist by becoming one of the producer for SMTM 10.

MAMA 2021 Nomination Best Hiphop and Urban Music | Yumdda 9ucci

Released 6th of July 2021. 9ucci is the song of Yumdda that tell a story about his experience of crypto currency Dogecoin. The song is viral because Yumdda have been uploading story of his crypto investment journey since months ago, and continue to do so until recently. A center of attention in Korean Hiphop scene recently, Yumdda is the talk of everyone in the community for one reason or another.

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