Punch Mad Clown I Miss YOu

Mad Clown Punch I Miss You | Ballad Collaboration

Mad Clown Punch I miss You. A collaboration between melancholy rapper and a singer with sad song expertise. Mad Clown is known for his ballad rap that share a story of heartbreak. Meanwhile Punch is always the go to singer for sad song, especially drama Soundtrack.

Mad Clown Punch I miss You

Combination of melancholy piano melody, violin, voice of Punch and emotional Mad Clown lyrics make this song a perfect ballad songs. Mad Clown is even dissed by other rapper as ‘ballad rapper’ because he’s been constantly participate and rap melancholy hip hop songs. or ballad songs to be exact.

Mad Clown Punch I Miss you Credits

Mad Clown Punch I Miss You

PRODUCER Dongwoon Song
LYRICS BY Mad Clown Jihoon
COMPOSED BY Changhoon Oh Park Seongho

PIANO Lim Su- hyeok 
GUITAR Bae Hyung-ho
BASS Lee Seok-joon
DRUM Park Hyun- joong
CHORUS Lee So-jeong

RECORDED BY Jang Woo-young at doobdoob Studio
MIXED BY Kim Hyun-gon at doobdoob Studio
MASTERED BY Choi Hyo-young at SUAM Yummy

Mad Clown Profile

Melancholy rapper that debuted13 years ago. Currently a rapper that also co-CEO of Sameside Company alongside San-E, he’s been starting to active once more as Mad Clown. Many assume that he’s the person behind pink masked rapper Mommy Son, yet he always deny the accusation. We probably will never know the truth.

Punch Profile

Known as the melancholy OST Queen. Punch were actually starting out as a rapper! She’s often rap her own verse when perform solo of her songs featuring other rapper such as Say Yes featuring Loco. Punch is part of YumYum Entertainment with artist such as Rocoberry as their artist.

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