Lym En Wonderland

Lym En Wonderland | A Place to take a Break

Wonderland is a place where i can get away from the stuffy daily life, I’ll go with you. Lym En new single album is a safe place for you who have been stuck in the loop of daily task each day. Now a part of Stoneship, Lym en already release music since 2018, a great quality one at that.

Lym En single album

Lym En Wonderland sIngle album credits

Lym EN Wonderland

1. Wonderland
Lyrics by Lym en
Composed by whoosh, Lym en
Arranged by whoosh

Bass by whoosh
Drum by whoosh
Piano by whoosh

Mixed by whoosh
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon @821 Sound Mastering

2. Comfort Zone (Feat. Khundi Panda)
Lyrics by Lym en, Khundi Panda
Composed by YEOHO, Lym en
Arranged by YEOHO

Guitar by Lee Sang-beom
Bass by YEOHO, Lee Sang-beom
Synth by YEOHO
Drum by YEOHO
Piano by tuna.

Mixed by YEOHO
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon @821 Sound Mastering

Executive Producer : Lym en, Chanwoo Seok
Co-Producer : STONESHIP
Art Work : Jhmon
A&R Director : Chanwoo Seok
A&R Assistance : Jaeho Jung, Youkyung Oh, Changwoo Kim

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