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Loopy SMTM 777 Journey | The Game Changer

In the scene where most rapper tries to rap as fast as possible, here comes Loopy with his mumble rap within a unique groove. He doesn’t need to force his rap to fit the beat, because his way to rap is to go with the flow easily. Moreover, he has this unique mumble rap style which is uncommon for Korean rappers at that time. Here’s the stand out journey of Loopy SMTM 777 Appearance.

Loopy was originally an LA based rapper. He flew back to South Korea with his crew, MKITRAIN. Along with his crew members, Nafla and Owen, he participated in Show Me The Money 777 which gained a lot of South Korean rappers attention. It was due to his past opinion towards Korean hip hop and the program Show Me The Money itself.

Loopy SMTM 777 Second Round: All Pass and The Story Revealed

The second round this time is exciting due to the fire circle for failed rappers. Loopy cooly entered the stage, easily catching everyone’s attention. This is where he revealed his story back then. He said he was burdened by his situation since back then he dissed Show Me The Money program in his song Gear 2.

However, Loopy SMTM 777 explained that he changed his mindset, “I tried to go my own way after I came back to South Korea. After a lot of trial and error, I made this decision. But I think I’m really nervous to come here. So, I’m going to get over this tension and take what I want. I respect every participant here.” 

After the explanation, he got to perform. He performed Common Logic, the song about himself as a rapper who got a lot of luxury things today who actually back then started as nothing from the bottom. Despite the drama before, he remained calm when he rapped, finishing it cleanly. He got all-pass titles and praise from the producers. The Quiett showered him with compliments, “That was great. You are really good. It was very hip hop.”

Loopy SMTM 777 Third Round 1:1:1 Battle | Flow is Overflowing

The unique third round in SMTM history, special in the 777 season, came with a 1:1:1 battle. Meaning that the contestants had to team up, performing together in one song but only one of them would survive. Loopy had to face NO:EL and Poy MUZEUM. 

Loopy SMTM 777 Fourth Round Group Diss Battle | Natural Stage

Show Me The Money 777 decided to make this battle into two teams: Nafla team and Superbee team. Loopy, joining the Nafla team, performed in the second round with boombap. They made a dramatic ending by carrying Loopy back to their side. Nucksal, as always, praised Loopy by saying “To me, Loopy was impressive. This was the Loopy that I know, the Loopy that I like the most.”

Loopy had to perform again in the third round of group battle due to the tie. Their team did a mannequin pose in the opening, gaining laughs from the producers. Right after, the producers were amazed by the ear-blessing flow Loopy performed, the flow that makes you move your body the same as him. It could be seen from Swings who followed Loopy body move while rapping. This time, Giriboy noticed Loopy’s natural stage talent “He has the thing where he can seize (the stage). Even if he stays still, I feel like he has something where it feels like he’s filling up the whole (stage).”

Loopy SMTM 777 Team Mission | Dominating Domestic Chart with Good Day

Loopy decided to join Code Kunst X Paloalto team who gave him the highest bet in the second round. Along with Kid Milli, pH-1 and Qwala, they teamed-up and performed a song Good Day. This song went high in the South Korean domestic chart, showing the great enthusiasm from netizens. There was a mistake Loopy made while performing this song. He forgot to enter the stage together with Qwala due to his in-ear problems. Thankfully, he was naturally showing up and performed smoothly. 

Loopy SMTM 777 Diss Battle | vs. Superbee 

Again, this time a serious diss-battle involving the producer team. Loopy from Code Kunst X Paloalto team had to go up against Superbee, from The Quiett X Changmo team. The whole Korean hip hop enthusiasts look up to this battle since the history of the two are not good. Bringing back the old memories, Loopy SMTM 777 Diss battle couldn’t help but spit harsh words in this diss-battle. Even though the situation was cold, after the winner’s announcement, both decided to forget the past and move on from the bad situation between them. Love and Peace! 

Loopy SMTM 777 Individual Performance Save with Paloalto

Loopy stepped up to the primary performance. He had to go against Chaboom from the DeepFlow x Nucksal team. Along with his producers Code Kunst and Paloalto, he performed a song entitled Save. It is a song that expresses the consolation of those in need of salvation in a sophisticated and dreamy mood. This stage performance revealed more of his mumble rap style, and his way of carrying every audience started to get noticed from others.

Loopy SMTM 777 Encounter of Previous Battle with Superbee in Semi-final

Loopy had to face Superbee again in the Semifinal, this time they fought fairly by music. He started with an opening song entitled Winning which is a song about overcoming the hardships in life. The opening song is all about coolness and swag, but the main song is the plot-twist. With Simon Dominic as his featuring, he made audiences amused by the light beat song, NoNo. 

His main song, NoNo, is a message from him saying that true happiness comes from following our heart. He was quite nervous to step up to the stage since he was not feeling well that day. He was supposed to have fun and chill on stage, but he doesn’t feel it. However, he still performed well and was able to entertain the whole audience.

The Friendly Final Round in Show Me The Money 777

Final round was held within three contestants left: Loopy, Nafla and Kid Milli. Loopy, who was the leader of MKIT Rain crew, must go against his own member, Nafla, and his teammate in Code Kunst X Paloalto team, Kid Milli. Since they are all on good terms, there is no way the final round would be nerve-wrecking. This is the friendly final round which is full of praising and supporting each other. 

Loopy performed two songs in the final entitled Robot Love and V (feat. Loco). Robot Love is a song that compares a loveless state to a robot. It is the song that highlighted his unique vibe. While V is an upbeat song filled with lyrics about the end of a journey and new beginnings for Loopy. He took place as the runner-up of this season and his crew member, Nafla, is the winner. Creating memories as the most friendly final round of Show Me The Money history. Congratulations, MKIT Rain! 

Loopy SMTM 777 Post Activities

After Loopy SMTM 777 ended, there’s actually a cute stories between Nafla and Loopy. Nafla gave his winning car to his best friend Loopy! Since then Loopy become a duo with Nafla named Loopfla, release No Fear album and now is a part of Uncutpoint.

What do you think of Loopy SMTM 777 Journey? A great story that will be share for years to come.



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