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Loco Profile | Loco Go Crazy!

Loco Profile

Name: Kwon Hyukwoo
Date of Birth: 25 December 1989
Crew: VV:D & Satgot
Label: AOMG
Survival: SMTM 1 Winner
SMTM 4 Producer, Schooll Rapper 4 Mentor
Instagram: @Satgotloco
Spotify ; Apple Music

Loco is now a household name that were known not only to South Korea hip hop fans but also by public thanks to his appearance in television on multiple occasion. Let’s get to know how the rapper reach his popularity and how is struggle in early days. Here’s Loco Profile

Loco Profile | Pre Debut and Satgot Crew

Loco were actually already start to rap and do music since he’s still at school, team up with his schoolmate as Satgot crew (That’s why his Instagram username is satgotloco). Once a top student in his class, Loco listen to hip hop as a refreshing activities from his studies.

Loco start to become active once again when he goes to university, Hongik University. An Economic student, Loco join hiphop club Brainswords where he meet GRAY. At the university he also got his stage name Loco from his friend.

Loco Profile | Stage name Loco

Where does the stage name come from? In his university days, Kwon Hyukwoo often drink at parties, but whenever he drinks he got drunk easily and often do unfathomable things. That’s why his friend call him Loco which means crazy/out of his mind in Spanish language.

Loco Profile | SMTM 1 Winner!

1st season of Show Me The Money is an unique one. Only amateur rapper were allowed to participate in the program. Loco keep going against other rapper such as Takeone and Jindoggae in the program, until eventually win the whole thing with the legendary song Home.

Loco were actually betting a lot on his success on Show me The Money. He even plan to go to military right away and pursue career as a banker afterward if he fail his endeavor on SMTM 1.

Loco Profile | Official Debut

After winning SMTM 1, Loco sign to agency and debut right away. Back then Show Me The Money isn’t as big as platform as today, despite winning the program Loco were struggle to make meet ends and not that active as a musician. Which end up to the next story

Loco Profile | AOMG Artist

Loco were actually really frustrated with his agency, but because he’s under contract he can’t do anything about it. Not until Jay Park bailing his out from the former company by pay the cancelation fee of Loco contract that were amount to 200 thousand US Dollar. Loco doesn’t even need to pay back Jay Park because his first album with AOMG locomotive were such a hit that he already paid more than he owe for with that album alone.

Loco is actually recommended to AOMG by his dear friend and crew member GRAY.

Loco Profile | VV:D Crew

The oldest sister of the group, Loco is part of VV:D crew, a crew that each artist become a successful at their own respective activites and been supporting each other since 2012.

VV:D Crew member:

Loco Profile | Locomotive Chart success and Concert

Loco first EP, Locomotive were a major hit. Few of the track such as You Don’t Know, Hold Me tight and Thinking About You goes high in South Korea music charts.

Loco were also held Locomotive concert in 2018 with the name of his first EP where his dear friend and people who he been working with come as a guest.

Loco Profile | Drama OST

One of the most important aspect of Loco music career is his participation in drama OST. Loco also won his first award, 2015 Melon Music Award with a collaboration for Girl who can see smells alongside Yuju of GFRIEND titled spring is gone by chance.

Another hit OST that Loco participate with is for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo drama OST alongside Punch that become one of most covered song not only by South Korean but also internationally aswell.

Loco Profile | SMTM 4 Producer & School Rapper 4 Mentor

Loco success also led him to become the producer of Show Me The Money season 4 alonside Jay Park. Loco calm personality and upbringing in the program make him an instant favorite by both contestant and viewers alike. Team AOMG made the hit song respect with member Lil Boi, Geegooin, Sik-k, and Dayday.

Loco once again appear as a mentor on School Rapper 4 alongside fellow AOMG Artits Simon Dominic! In the program they guide the young rapper that include their team member Lee Sangjae (lil nekh), Heo Wonhyuk (Bruninho), Noh Yoonha (Jam1e) & Kang Joseph (YoBoy)

Team SICo performance HSR 4

Loco Profile | TV Personality

Not only as rapper/musician, Loco personality also catch Television program director. Loco appear as cast on multiple high profile tv program such as Dangerous Outside the Blanket where he become a great friend of Kang Daniel and show his eccentric personality in the program.

One of his most known appearance come on the program Hyena on the Keyboard when he appear as a guest and pair up with Hwasa of Mamamoo. Their cute on screen interaction not only make everyone smile but also result in chart topping song Don’t

Loco x Hwasa of Mamamoo Don’t

Co-Owner of Burger Chain

Loco is also co owner of Burger chain The Famous Burger. Loco investing the money he gain as a musician and the business is quite successful aswell! Even people who doesn’t know Loco recommend The Famous Burger genuinely for the food and it have been featured in multiple music video, not only AOMG/H1GHRMUSIC artist.

Loco Profile | Military Service

Before went to serve mandatory military service, Loco release HELLO EP that also means goodbye when it translated in Korean 안녕. Even when he’s serve in the police department, Loco keep making headline because he’s appearing in an concert, appear on police advertising and in many people spot him helping people as police officer.

Loco recent activity

Loco Profile TVING

AFter finish his military service, Loco have been active making music while making guest appearance on multiple YouTube channel sharing his thought and perspective. Loco recently will be a panelist on new TVING romance program Love catcher in Seoul.

Loco profile will keep being updated in the future.

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