Lil Cherry Hyo

Lil Cherry Hyo G! Remix | Childhood Dream Come True

“Where is Hyoyeon unnie~?! >.< Shall we have a mukbang?” Lil Cherry Hyo (Hyoyeon) of SNSD collaborate for the track G! Remix. One childhood dream of Lil Cherry is coming true, to be the 10th member of Girls Generation (SNSD).

Lil Cherry Hyo G! Remix

Gee gee gee gee~, Produced by her brother GOLDBUUDA, G! Remix invite SNSD Member Hyo (Hyoyeon) to participate in the song. Many were curious about what project does Lil Cherry have with the SNSD member because not only Hyo, Taeyeon also repost the story of Lil Cherry.

G! (Original Version) Music Video

Lil Cherry Hyo G! Remix Credits

Lil Cherry Hyo G! Remix cover

Produced by GOLDBUUDA
Written by Lil Cherry, Hyoyeon (HYO)
Arranged by GOLDBUUDA, Xindoel, No Identity
Mixed by No Identity, chilloud, Boost Knob
Mastered by Boost Knob

Lil Cherry Profile

Lil Cherry start her activities in music scene with her brother Goldbuuda (used to be known as Jito Mo) by starting Wedaplugg Records. Now already part ways with Yunhway, sAewoo and many other, both of them start Cartel Sauce and been rising as the alternative style of music in Korean Hip hop scene.

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