Lee Youngji Profile

Lee Youngji Profile | Bundles of Fun & Happiness

Lee Youngji Profile

Name : Lee Youngji
Date of Birth: 10 September 2002
Height: 174 Cm
Agency: Mainstream
Debut: 2019
Survival: HSR 3
Instagram: @Youngji_02
Spotify, Apple Music

Not only one of the most promising rapper in the Korean Hip hop scene, Lee Youngji also one of the most fun artist to follow because of her personality! She’s really go along way since she first start practice as a rapper back in 2019, in just a span of 2 years Lee Youngji already establish himself as one of the top artist in the industry.

Lee Youngji Profile | Pre-debut

Lee Youngji actually just starting to learn rap for a few months. The high schooler were actually spotted rap in the street on MC Rap public karaoke event. She’s cover IndiGO by Indigo Music flawlessly even though she’s learning how to rap just for fun.

Lee Youngji Profile | School Rapper 3

School Rapper 3 is one of the most stacked competition with lots of well known professional rapper that already set their mark in the scene. Lee Youngji come as one of the unknown contestant without prior experience as a musician. Yet from the first episode she’s show that she’s not someone to be underestimated. A great voice tone, solid rap and witty rhyme make Lee Youngji become one of the dark horse in the competition.

After joining team Code Kunst & The Quiett on that season of School Rapper season 3. Lee Youngji keep improving and hone her skills. Each and every single challenge made Lee Youngji even better, many people start thinking that she could won the whole thing and she did! Lee Youngji become the first female artist to win MNET Hiphop survival competition! A record that still not broken to this day.

Lee Youngji Profile | Sign to Mainstream and Official Debut

2 November 2019 become the day when Lee Youngji officially debut with a single Darkroom. Lee Youngji show her musicality without any restriction in this song. A full display of what she actually wants to do as a musician.

Lee Youngji Profile | Good Girl cast

Not even a year after she won School Rapper season 3, Lee Youngji is invited to be a part of MNET Good Girl. A music program with a totally different concept. In this program the cast of Good Girl need to overcome challenge from MNET and gain as much money as possible from winning those challenge. Youngji the youngest cast of the program show her talent and provide excitement and tons of fun moment!

MNET Good Girl cast member

  • Ailee
  • Cheetah
  • Hyoyeon/DJ Hyo of SNSD
  • Jamie
  • Jeon Ji-woo of KARD
  • Lee Young-ji
  • Queen Wa$abii
  • Sleeq 
  • Yeeun of CLC

Lee Youngji as TV personality

Not only a solid rapper and hip hop artist. Lee Youngji also a great entertainer with fun personality! She’s start her appearance as tv personality when she come as a guest at Running Man and make everyone laugh in the program. After it, Lee Youngji is casted to be a permanent cast of KBS program Come Back Home with veteran host/tv personality Yoo Jaesuk & Lee Yongjin.

Lee Youngji also become one of the most anticipated rookie entertainer, appear on multiple other program such as the highly touted program MBC How Do You Play. Yoo Jaesuk even says highly of her, he even told Lee Youngji that he gonna officiate Lee Youngji wedding if she decide to married in the future.

Lee Youngji Profile | As a Singer

Lee Youngji have a great voice and vocal tone as a rapper, but how about her singing voice? Lee Youngji show her vocal skill when she appear as a guest on King of Mask Singer. Singing 2NE1 Lonely and Lim Jaebum After This Night. She even reach as far as the 2nd round in the program!

Lee Youngji profile | SNS Influencer


@wm_choiyoojung 님과 #듀엣 마지막에 무ㅜ라고했게

♬ 주먹왕 랄프 2 – 🥀

Lee Youngji is an influencer, have 1.2 Million followers on Instagram and 1.1 Million Followers on TIktok. Lots of her video become a viral sensation on Internet. She even share that many people that follows her known her as content creator or even entertainer instead of rapper. Lee Youngji doesn’t mind that though, as long as she can make other happy and make their days better.

Lee Youngji Profile | Talented Dancer

What else can Lee Youngji do? She’s actually a really talented dancer! She’s actually start to post her dance cover and joining other artist dance challenge both on Tiktok and Instagram. As time goes, her skill were recognized by other including proffesional dancer! Lee Youngji even appear at MNET program SWF (Street Woman Fighter) and show her dance skill alongside Choi Yoojung of Weki Meki and Yves of LOONA.

Lee Youngji recent activity

A multitalented artist. Lee Youngji just keep surprising us with one talent after another. She’s recently appear on YLN Foreign DNA Remix and participate in Hiphopplaya HANGOUT project. Oh, she also become a trending topic in South Korea Twitter after her old K-pop fan/stan account were found by netizen. She’s a bundle of fun indeed.

Lee Youngji profile will keep updated in the future.


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