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Lee Hi HOLO | For Those who Trapped in the Midst of Loneliness

What defines good music? Some say good music comes from good lyrics. Some say it’s from the Beautiful and soothing voices from the singer. Some say it’s from the composition. Well, we’re grateful enough to witness the release of Lee Hi HOLO, a single sthat fulfills those criteria. The song made its way to the public in 2020, around the time when Lee Hi joined AOMG.

Lee Hi HOLO: If You’re in the Midst of Loneliness, Don’t Worry

Lee Hi once again proved the world on how good she was when it comes to music. Beginning her debut in 2012 after finishing 2nd on the first season of SBS K-pop Star, she showed us that there’s no signs of declining in terms of her vocals and musical skills. Lee Hi HOLO is her first single after joining hip hop label, AOMG.

The piano playing in the background makes this song even more beautiful, along with Lee Hi excellent and expressive voices and the lyrics that are somehow relatable to some people. The lyrics, have some deep meaning. The song mainly talks about what being lonely is all about, especially on hard times like this.

Lee Hi Holo lyrics:

“Whether being alone or together, the loneliness feels the same.”

And this song provides consolation to people who are trapped in the midst of loneliness.

Lee Hi HOLO Credits:

Lee HI Holo

Lyrics by Shinae An
Composed by Shinae An
Arranged by glowingdog
Drums, Bass, Keys, Organ, Strings, Guitar by glowingdog
Background Vocals by Lee Hi, Shinae An
Vocals Recorded by Soyoon Bae at Stay Tuned Studio
Mixed by Hyunjung Ko at KOKO Sound Studio
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon at 821 Sound

Lee Hi Profile

Lee Ha-yi, widely known as Lee Hi, is a South Korean accomplished singer, born on 23 September 1996. Lee Hi gained public attention when she finished as runner-up on the first season of South Korean survival show, K-pop Star. She then proceeded to join YG Entertainment. But then on 22 July 2020, she decided to sign with AOMG, following her decision not to extend her contract with YG Entertainment at the end of 2019.

Throughout her career, Lee Hi has worked on a lot of top charting tracks, both as main artist and featuring artist. Recently, Lee Hi has just released her third studio album, 4 Only, which featured a lot of talented artists such as Yoon Mirae, B.I and Wonstein. 4 Only consists of 10 tracks with a wide range of genres and styles.

Perfect Time to Listen to Lee HI HOLO?

이하이 (LeeHi) & 이루마 (Yiruma) – ‘홀로 (HOLO)’, ‘Sunset Bird’ Live

If you ever feel lonely, that’s okay. We’ve all been there, too. This song serves people who went through a phase of loneliness. If you went through the same phase, then this song will suit you the best. In this song, Lee Hi reminds you to start to love yourself more by becoming yourself, in order to fight loneliness. Just like what Lee Hi said in the lyrics,

“I’m too precious to just sit around and worry. Take a look inside of your heart without a cover. It’s okay to be yourself. It’s gotta stop.”

Being alone was hard. But listening to this song somehow makes us feel that we’re not alone, there’s a lot of people who went through the same phase. This song feels like it tells us not to worry, because in the end, everything will be alright.

Stream now! Lee HI HOLO is available on various music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Melon Music and more.

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