Lee Hanul 1022

Lee Hanul 1022 | Pretext for More to Come

One of the rapper that been rising thanks to his trendy music is Lee Hanul. The single 1022 is the latest single of the rapper that just debut last year, 2020. Despite still a rookie, Lee Hanul have been getting attention of music listener in South Korea, his songs have been getting thousand likes and hundreds of thousand of Uniqe Listener despite not signing with big agency or affiliated with popular crew. Lee Hanul also been working with artist such as Crucial Star, Seshin, maguro, and KURO.

Music Video

Lee Hanul 1022 Credits

Lee Hanul 1022 Cover

Lyrics by Hanul Lee
Composed by Hanul Lee, RAINUD
Arranged by Hanul Lee , RAINUD

Executive Producer: MATHI
Production Assistant: Yang Myung (HARU)
Producer: Lee Hanul
Artist Management: Bae- Woong Mixed by Lee Hanul, ALONE @ HANULINE!
Mastered by Hanul Lee, ALONE @ HANULINE!
Recorded by Hanul Lee @ HANULINE!
Artwork by Hanul Lee @ HANULINE!

Presented by AllBlue RECORDS

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