Lee Haeri Mad Clown Recipient Unknownn

Lee Haeri Mad Clown Recipient Unknown | Cyworld BGM 2021 project

The queen of ballad songs collaborate with the gloomy ballad rapper. Lee Haeri of Davichi and Mad Clown collaborate to remake the track Recipient Unknown. This collaboration is part of CyWorld BGM 2021 project, a project to revitalize once used popular SNS (Social Network Service) and bring back memories to everyone that enjoy the song and platform back in 2010’s.

Lee Haeri & Mad Clown Recipient Unknown (2021)

The song sounds familiar? It’s actually a remake of hip hop duo Freestyle song that release back in 2007. After 14 years the song is remade with fresh piano and orchestra. It were actually arranged by the same producer that were release it back in 2007 Minken. Mad Clown also add his own verse to make this song sounds relevant with today mood.

Recipient Unknown Lyrics English Translation

Lee Haeri x Mad Clown Recipient Unknown Credits

Recipient Unknown Credits

Executive Producers: Jason Kim, Sam Son
Project Producer: Dorothy Park

Artist: ‘Mad Clown x Lee Hae-ri
Lyricists: Choi Min-ho, Mad Clown
Composer: Choi Ji-ho
Arranged by: Minken 
Piano: Minken
Guitar : Go Tae-young
Bass: Shim Jin
Flute : Jo Yoon-jeong
Chorus : Kang Tae-woo
Strings Arranged by Jeon Hae-il
Strings : Jungstrings
Computer Programming : Minken  
Recording Engineer: Min Jang @ M Creative Sound studio | Wooyoung Jang, Kwon Kwon Jin @ doobdoob studio | Oh Seong-geun @ Studio-T
Mixing Engineer : 松田龍太(Lyuta Mazda) @ studio Serendipity(Tokyo, JAPAN)
Mastering Engineer: 内田孝弘(Takahiro Uchida) @ FLAIR MASTERING WORKS(Tokyo, JAPAN)

Original song by Freestyle

Mad Clown Profile

Melancholy ballad rapper Mad Clown with his lyrics that make heart ache. Mad Clown spearhead mainstream hip hop scene with his gloomy songs in 2010’s. Recognized not just by public but also by his peers, Mad Clown become SMTM 5 producer with his favorite artist Gil of Leessang. TMI: The word Clown in Mad Clown stage name come from Leessang song Clown.

Lee Haeri Profile

Part of Davichi, Lee Haeri is regarded as one of the best singer of the generation. Easily hitting high notes and a heart wrenching voice that suit every ballad songs. This is not the first time that Lee Haeri work together with Mad Clown, she’s been featuring in previous Mad Clown songs and viceversa Mad Clown have been featuring in Davichi song aswell.

Listen to Mad Clown & Lee Haeri Recipient Unknown on Spotify and Apple Music


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