Kwon Kibaek G Town

Kwon Kibaek G Town 2021 Mixtape | 8th Mixtape

One of the most active rapper in the industry. 2006 liner Kwon Kibaek release his 8th mixtape, G Town 2021 Freestyle. Already release 3 album, 1 EP, and 2 compilation album. Kwon Kibaek release in total of 88 songs and feature in 28 more of them. Known for his outspoken personality, Kwon Kibaek never hide his intention through his social media or lyrics. Including for this mixtape.

Kwon Kibaek G Town 2021 Mixtape Full

Kwon Kibaek G Town 2021 Mixtape Tracklist

Kwon Kibaek G Town 2021 Freestyle Mixtape cover
  1. BC Party feat King South G
  2. Trash Human Town SIllim feat King South G
  3. Nobody feat King South G & IAMMONEY
  4. Interlude
  5. Hey Mother Fuxxers
  6. G Town Story feat King South G
  7. Hell Yeah feat IAMMONEY
  8. Put Your Hands Up
  9. Kwon Kibaek Freestyle
  10. BC Story 2021 feat King South G & 무천도사

Kwon Kibaek Profile

Part of B-Free New Wave Records, Kwon Kibaek use Memphis style of rap with lyrics that have no filter. Have outspoken personality that been gaining traffic (Whether positive or negative), Kwon Kibaek also known to not afraid calling out other fellow rapper that he didn’t agree on through his SNS and through his music. A rapper who not limited by any boundaries.

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