Koonta Replica

Koonta Replica | Featuring SMTM 9 Jambino

Koonta the reggae-singer-rapper is really active this year. Replica is the latest single he release before he participate in this year SMTM 10. For this song, SMTM 9 contestant Jambino appear as a featuring to rap his verse. A combination of two singer-rapper with different vibe

Koonta Replica Music Video

Koonta quote Thomas Alva Edison for this song.

Everyone steals in industry and commerce. I’ve stolen a lot myself. The thing is to know how to steal

-Thomas Alva Edison-

Koonta Replica Credits

Koonta replica cover

Lyrics by  Koonta, Jambino
Composed by Eggu
Arranged by DMNT

Drums performed by DMNT
Bass  performed by DMNT
Guitar performed by Eggu
Keyboard performed by DMNT
Background vocals by Koonta

Recorded by  Koonta @v o x b o x studio
Mixed by DMNT @Goldie Propa Lair
Mastered by DMNT @Goldie Propa Lair
M/V directed by lyuji
Artwork by Youngmin Suh

Koonta Profile

One of the trifecta of South Korean reggae scene alongside Skull & Haha, Koonta have been carrying South Korean reggae scene as a singer, rapper, band vocalist and everything in between. This year he decide to join Show Me The Money Season 10 and have awe everyone with his performance.

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