Kim Seungmin Prototype Research 0063

Kim Seungmin PROTOTYPE RESEARCH #0063 Album | With title Halfway off the rooftop

Kim Seungmin released a new album titled PROTOTYPE RESEARCH #0063 on October 19th 2021. Through this album, Kim Seungmin tells about his break up with a girl and how he lost all the light and had a dark and difficult time. He wanted to tell people who were like him, or who were floating in a wave of emotions that were bigger than themselves, that he used to be. After leaving eight seasons, he could barely forget her, but certain feelings never seem to go away until he dies. This album is a breaking up album with a lot of emotions Kim Seungmin wrote when he was dazzling.

Kim Seungmin Halfway Off the Rooftop Music Video

The title track for Prototype Research #0063 album is Halfway Off The Rooftop, the song shows Kim Seungmin’s raspy voice in the slow beat. He released a music video for the song on the release date on Stone Music Entertainment YouTube channel. Kim Seungmin is seen in an old building while singing the song. He dressed in a casual outfit and showed his emotion throughout the song.

Songs in this album have different types and styles. From fun to emotional songs, Kim Seungmin arranged the song perfectly in this album. Listening to the song in order might be right to feel the whole vibe of the album.

Kim Seungmin Prototype Research #0063 tracklist

Kim Seungmin Prototype Research cover
  1. OCD
  2. White tag NIKE
  3. Gyeongsan-si
  4. Bad Morning
  5. Insomnia feat. Verbal Jint
  6. Lie feat. BIG Naughty
  7. Abandoned Dog
  8. Cyanide feat. Kid Milli
  9. Halfway Off The Rooftop
  10. BLUE EYES – Original Version
  11. One, Two feat. Punch
  12. My Pleasure Is That You Ride The Bentley.

Kim Seungmin Profile

Kim Seungmin is a rapper under the Beautiful Noise label who debuted in 2018. He was born on August 7th 1995. In 2018, he appeared in Mnet’s Show Me the Money season 777 as a contestant. In the next year, he appeared once again in Show Me the Money season 8 and advanced until the Crew Revenge Battle. After SMTM8, he actively released music under Mommy Son label Beautiful Noise.

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