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Kim Johan Chancellor Beautiful | Collaboration of Two R&B Master that Pass Generation

Godfather of Korean R&B collaborate with the artist that compile new generation of R&B into one song. Kim Johan Chancellor Beautiful is a collaboration between two charming voice from different generation yet harmonize beautifully. Just like the song title, Beautiful.

Kim Johan Chancellor Beautiful Music Video

Beautiful is a part of 90’s Chordshare project. A project by Devine Channel, a producing team and agency. Kim Johan who pioneer R&B in South Korea with the group SOLID back in the 90’s collaborate wit Chancellor who last year compile 28 R&B artist to make the legendary Automatic remix.

Kim Johan Chancellor Beautiful Credits

Composed by Devine Channel, Diondre Jermaine, Chancellor
Lyrics by Yorkie, Chancellor
Arranged by Devine Channel

Mixed by Jongpil Koo at KLANG STUDIO
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon at 821 Sound Mastering

Kim Johan Profile

Part of R&B trio SOLID that popularize the style of R&B in the early 90’s. Kim Johan is regarded as the godfather of Korean R&B and well respected by his peers and junior musician. As a soloist, he still bring his soulful voice to his song and drama soundtrack while recently have a new activities as a professor at Kyungil University. Have a career close to 30 years in South Korea music industry, Kim Johan doesn’t seems to be stopping anytime soon.

Chancellor Profile

Recently signed with KONNECT Entertainment, Chancellor time in South korea Music industry is also can’t be count by finger in the hand. Start his career back in 2010, Chancellor already put his name in the industry not only as a R&B singer-songwriter but also a successful producer behind the hit track for artist such as Kang Daniel, Gummy, and MC Mong.

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