Kidd King Trespassing

Kidd King Trespassing | Don’t Cross the Line

Kidd King Trespassing is a song that as title said, explain trespassing. Kidd King known most for his appearance on last year SMTM 9 when he’s eliminated right before team mission song stage, only one step left to be a part of team VVS. Used to be a rapper who rap in R&B type of music, Kidd King last year add the element of rock in his music. The song that he’s just released have element of both.


Trespassing is the act of crossing a road at a place other than where it can be crossed, such as a crosswalk. In other words, it’s an accident waiting to happen. A lot of people think that it’s okay to trespass when cars are slow. However, the speed of a car is usually quite fast, contrary to what people think. Also, unlike other types of traffic accidents, jaywalking is the most dangerous among the types of traffic accidents because the person itself receives the shock with the whole body. The death rate is ten times higher than that of other types of traffic accidents. When the green light turns on while listening to this song, let’s cross the crosswalk.

Kidd King Trespassing Credits

Kidd King Trespassing Cover

Composed by Kidd King, Creed
Lyrics by Kidd King
Arranged by Creed
Bass, Drum, Ep, Piano by Creed
Mixed by xiihu
Mastered by xiihu

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