Justhis You

Justhis You | Start Diving to NFT

Indigo Music rapper Justhis release a new single with a twist. Justhis You is his first attempt diving into NFT (Non-Fungible Token) world, as an ‘asset’ that fans or investor can own with benefits. This is a trend that start brewing in Korean Hip hop scene where other artist such as Loopy, Mommy Son, & Jung Sangsoo already start their own NFT project recently.

Justhis You

Self produced by Justhis. You is a love sontg and we got to hear something out of ordinary from him, his singing voice. Not a daily occurrence but a change that will be loved by the listener.

Justhis You NFT

Justhis You NFT

As the caption said. You can own JUSTHIS’ song ‘You’ in NFT stocks and get stake of the artist’s music revenue for that song. The song ‘You’ is divided into totally 41 NFTs including one rare stock and 40 normal stocks and they have official deeds, which contain agreement for that the stake in NFT is legally valid and information of stake ratio, in the metadata of them each.

The validity of the stake in NFTs is maintained until the music source gets timed out legally in Korea. The owners of NFTs will receive dividend into their ETH wallets as much as each stake ratio of NFTs they have. Also, we offer artistic experience to the first owner of rare stock.

It’s not a kind of memento but really ownable.

Justhis You Credit

Justhis You Cover

Written by JUSTHIS
Composed by JUSTHIS
Arranged by JUSTHIS
Recorded by JUSTHIS @ Indigo Music Studio
Vocal Tuned by Soyun Bae @ StayTuned Studio
Mixed by Stay Tuned @ Stay Tuned Studio
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon @ 821 Sound Mastering
Artwork Design : Seolhyeon Bok

Artist : JUSTHIS
Album Producer : JUSTHIS
Executive Producer : Jihoon Moon
A&R, Marketing : Narae Shin, Dayoung Lee, Jihoe Kim

Justhis Profile

Debut in 2015 with the single No One. Justhis is considered one of the current top rapper in the industry especially after become producer on SMTM 9 last year and become a part of chart topping song VVS. Currently part of Indigo Music & Doppelgangem crew, Justhis stay actiive and keep releasing songs.

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