Junny Hide and Sick

Junny Hide and Sick | I Think Someone Stole my Invitation

Junny of Mauve Company release a new single Junny Hide and Sick. Junny who have been active not only music wise but also other activities including a stint as Dive Studio cast, as one of the host for Get Real Season 2 episode’s. 2021 have been a year of Junny who gaining recognition not only for his music but also his songwriting ability by writing lyrics for NCT, KAI & Baekhyun of EXO among many others.

Junny Hide and Sick Live Clip

The song Hide & Sick is indeed derived from the game hide & seek. Junny express the feeling of hurt/sick because of loneliness, just like when you play hide & seek game but no one could found your hiding spot and you become lonely waiting for them.

Junny Hide and Sick Credits

Junny Hide and Sick Cover

Composed by JUNNY, no2zcat, Greentea Kim
Arranged by no2zcat, dunk
Lyrics by JUNNY, iryo, ron

Guitar by Greentea Kim
Piano by dunk
Bass by Hyunha Woo
Synth by no2zcat
Drum by no2zcat

Mixed by Jong Pil Gu
Mastered by Nam woo Kwon

Executive producer Bora Lim @mauve company
Planning & Marketing Hyesun Kang, Minjeong Joo
MV Director Dong Hyun Choi @Silly Film
Photograph Young Jae Shin, Yoo Jin Kim
Styling Jiyeon Park
Hair Seung Jin (assistant Song Hee) @teambybloom
Make up Soo Jin (assistant Dan Bee) @teambybloom접기

Junny Profile

Canada based Junny starting out as soundcloud artist and part of Marilyn Monderland crew back in 2017. After gaining some recognition over the years, he’s moving in to South Korea to pursue music, After moving in to South Korea it is said that Junny contact JayB of GOT7 and JayB introduce Junny to more composer of OFFSHORE crew and become a part of.

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