Joosiq Think About You

Joosiq Think About You | Romantic Recipe

Yoon Joosik or more known as Joosiq is a singer-songwriter that debut in 2020. Think About You is the latest song by 94 liner who have been working with artist such as OVAN and Jeong Hyobin in the past. Here’s Joosiq love serenade for the person he love, with a cute music video as a bonus!

Music Video

Joosiq Think About You Credits

Joosiq Think About You

Lyricists: Mr.Black
Composers : Joosiq, Ahn Seonghyun
Arrangers: Ahn Seonghyun

Piano by Ahn Seonghyun
Keyboard by Ahn Seonghyun
Drum by Ahn Seonghyun
Guitar by Joosiq, Kwon Kwon
Bass by Ahn Seonghyun

Seonghyun Mix by VAN.C
Mastering by VAN.C
COVER by Mr.Black
Executive Produced by CSP of Recipe Music, Romantic City

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