Jony Kwony Half or Ever red

Johny Kwony Half or Ever Red | Snippet of What to Come

Rapper that identic with red color Johny Kwony release Half or Ever Red EP, which is a snippet of upcoming project Forever Red on 1st of December 2021. He’s always represent the color red, why? Johny Kwony said that the color symbolize his character, full of passion and warmth. The color also represent hope and the path Johny Kwony want to take in life.

Johny Kwony Around Music VIdeo

When you feel everything it’s too hard, enough to give up. Stop for a while, look back and you gonna feel you’re lucky..

Johny Kwony Around song description

Johny Kwony Half or Ever Red track list

Johny Kwony Half or Ever Red Cover
  1. Rodeo Girl
  2. Around
  3. Myself feat Daviin & ?
  4. The Genius Myth feat Skyminhyuk
  5. Rodeo Girl (Instrumental)
  6. Myself (Instrumental)

Johny Kwony Profile

Start his career at a really young age back in 2016. Johny Kwony have been participating on several survival program most notably in School Rapper 1 & recently SMTM season 10. Still consistent not only with the color red but also his vision of helping other people, Johny Kwony have been participating in several humanitarian project and use his platform as a musician to helps.

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