Jo Gwangil Profile

Jo Gwangil Profile | More Than Raw Speed

Jo Gwangil Profile

Name: Jo Gwangil
Date of Birth: 12th of September 1996
Height: 180 Cm
Label: Dippin Carls Records
Instagram: @JoGwangil_
Spotify, Apple Music

Who is the fastest rapper in South Korea? Outsider have it’s competition now because Jo Gwangil have been blasting other rapper not only with his rap speed but also technique, punchnline, and lyrics. He’s currently participate on SMTM 10 and been getting rave reviews from both producer, fellow contestant and netizen alike. Here’s Jo Gwangil profile..

Jo Gwangil Profile | Pre Debut

Jo Gwang-il Show Me

Before debut, Jo Gwangil spotted to appear on SMTM 777 alongside Dippin Carls Records CEO Brown Tigger. He’s eliminated early on the first round and didn’t get any airtime in the program back then.

Jo Gwangil Profile | Debut

Jo Gwangil debut with a song titled Grow Back in 2019. A member of Pinto Sound crew, Jo Gwangil first track also feature his best friend Brown Tigger. The beat sounds familiar? Yes, Jo Gwangil use the same beat as Munchman – Ddakddakhae as the base. the beat is actually a free beat by 27corazones beat and everyone is free to use.

Jo Gwangil Acrobat | Acrobat Sensation

One of the most popular hiphop track of 2020. Gwangil Jo Acrobat become an overnight sensation. It’s been a decade since late 2000’s when fast-pace rapper song become a hit. The lyrics who critics Korean hip hop industry were also become a topic to talk about among avid Korean hip hop listener. There’s many artist who try to cover Acrobat, at his fastest verse, Jo Gwangil rap 111 syllable that he spit in less than 10 second.

Jo Gwangil Profile | Dippin Carls Records member

Jo Gwangil join the newly found Dippin Carls Records of Brown Tigger. There have been a compilation track titled 4 Harsh Carls by Dippin Carls Records member. All 3 members also audition and participate for SMTM 10 this year.

Dippin Carls Records Member:

  • Brown Tigger
  • WALO
  • Yonge Jaundice
  • Jo Gwangil

Jo Gwangil Profile | Rookie of the Year nomation

Jo Gwangil come by storm, in 2021 he’s nominated as one of the top rookie of the year for Korean Hip Hop Awards 2021. Only losing out against Homies wiith their song Siren.

Jo Gwangil Profile | Diss battle against LBNC

Jo Gwangil also have an ongoing diss/beef against LBNC member: Kaogaii, Kitsyoji and Chaboom. The diss actually start not with Jo Gwangil. It’s all happen when Outsider appear on DIngo Killing Freestyle and receive criticism that rapid-fire style of rap is outdated and doesn’t have a place in modern Korean hip-hop scene. A style not only Outsider use but also Jo Gwangil.

The diss battle extend when Kitsyoji release a track to diss Jo Gwangil which were responded by Jo Gwangil and his fellow agency member WALO & Yonge Jaundice. The diss battle currently is still ongoing with many other rapper such as Tymee, Xeeyon and High G give their stance and view through diss song.

Kitsyoji Diss to Jo Gwangil

Jo Gwangil SMTM 10 Audition

Jo Gwangil made headline after decide to Audition on SMTM 10. Not only people that cheering for him but there’s also people who skeptical consider his lyrics on acrobat that criticize hip hop scene and the industry especially rapper that goes on broadcast.

Jo Gwangil is ready to show his skill to the entire nation. Since the first around Jo Gwangil have been getting ample airtime and were praised by both producer, fellow contestant, and even lots of people who just listen Jo Gwangil for the first time.

Jo Gwangil SMTM 10 performance

Jo Gwangil Profile wll keep being updated in the future

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