Jjangyou SMTM 8

Jjangyou SMTM 8 Journey | Join the Program for His Mother

Jjangyou, who was an infamous rapper back then, got the spotlight from his first audition in Show Me The Money 8. Shouting his name, Jjangyou! With a clear voice, he got the necklace and Jjangyou SMTM 8 journey starts. Who knows he actually came there to find his mother?

Jjangyou SMTM 8 Audition | Got the Necklace and Amaze Verbal Jint 

Jjangyou had a chance to show his rap to Verbal Jint from BGM-v crew producer. Before him, the other got no chance to receive the necklace. Verbal Jint is quite picky to give it even though he was listening carefully and giving a second chance for the one who forgot their lyrics. But then, Jjangyou made him in awe. Jjangyou energetically rapped with a loud and clear voice and also had some melody on it. He started his acapella rap by shouting his name, Jjangyou! which made everyone pay attention to him.

JJangyou SMTM 8 Second Round | Jjangyou Got All Pass by Became a Religious Monkey

Proceeding to a 60 seconds performance, Jjangyou performance was anticipated by the producer crews and other rappers. Using trap beats, he exploded his energy in his performance with a tight, unbreathable rap, jumping and shouting “woah! woah! woah!” in the end which made everyone amazed and happy. He dazed everyone by jumping right away to his verse without any opening.

Jjangyou explained in the 60 seconds rap mission, “I’m not here to show that I’m good at rapping or doing music. I’ve not seen my mother since I was 7. By (directly) showing her that I’ve grown up well, I think I can be a bigger person.” Even though he stated back then he hated her, as he became an adult he changed his mind and wanted to find his mother.

Jjangyou SMTM 8 Third Round | Ddududdudu! Jjangyou vs. Dbo vs. Sway D 

The next round was half-defeated, meaning that half of the second round passed rapper had to be eliminated. Jjangyou, Dbo and Sway D chose to team-up and had to compete against the two other teams in the same beat from G-eazy, No Limit. They showed a good teamwork within an aggressive hook, “Look at my drip,  ddududdudu!” In this performance, Jjangyou consistently showed his tight verse, rapping with full energy and walking around uniquely.

Jjangyou SMTM 8 1:1 Crew Battle | vs. Layone

Jjangyou matched with BGM-v producer crew then continued to the next round, 1:1 crew battle. The winner was based on the voting from judges, several veteran rappers, who were invited to the show. He got a chance to pick his rival and chose to go up against Layone. They created a great performance as a duo, making the judges find it hard to choose. The producer said they had the same impact on stage.

Jjangyou vs. Owen | Rapping with an Unexpected Beat in Crew Battle

This season continued the legendary crew battle from the previous season Show Me The Money 777. Jjangyou SMTM 8 lead the BGM-v crew to choose the beat they suit on and prepared for the whole team performance. His leadership was complemented by his crew members. Thanks to his leadership, BGM-v won 2:0 against 40 crew in this battle!

In his own performance, unexpectedly, Jjangyou chose Cry Baby beat which is soulful and slow. New charm of Jjangyou was unveiled in this battle. He didn’t show his signature exploded energy along with some screaming like the previous mission, but the tight but fully controlled energy of Jjangyou.

BAMN | Jjangyou SMTM 8 Team Mission Battle

The hereditary culture of Show Me The Money, the song battle mission is here. The crews create two teams and each team must compete against their teammates to survive, meaning that every team had to eliminate one person each. Jjangyou teamed up with Dbo, Punchnello, Zene the Zilla, and MckDaddy handled by Millic and BewhY from BGM-v producer crew, presented a song entitled BAMN. The song brings out the theme of one’s level-up like the molt snake. 

Jjangyou faced a lot of difficulties in the preparation since his voice got hoarse due to him shouting a lot in crew battle. He also messed up his lyrics in the rehearsal. Thankfully the performance was really dope. He was still able to show his exploded, tight and unbreathable rap smoothly.

Jjangyou SMTM 8 DIss Battle | Funny and Entertaining with Punchnello vs. Yunhway

Jjangyou being the first who dissed Yunhway, did a research and found that actually Yunhway was a singer, so he chose to mock her by dissing by singing and added some spice lines. He surprisingly sang well and the face of Yunhway irritated heated up the atmosphere.

From Dissing Each Other to Work on the Song Together | Jjangyou SMTM 8 Crew Revenge Battle with Yunhway

Despite the loss, Jjangyou advanced to the next mission, Crew Revenge Battle. On this occasion, Jjangyou and Yunhway had to work together in one song, then one of them would be eliminated. They chose to present a fresh song about being free on a beach, Gwangalli 101. It is a song everyone can enjoy as if they were on a drive. 

They presented a great balance in the performance. It made everyone confused and it was hard to choose the one who had to be eliminated. Yunhway got praised by her stable and unique vocal, meanwhile Jjangyou got praised by his sudden powerful rap in the bridge and his ability to keep the balance between him and Yunhway on stage.

Jjangyou SMTM 8 Quarter-final Individual Performance | Emotional Performance about His Mother

Jjangyou successfully went up to Final 8, making him able to do individual performance. This time, he had to go against Takuwa, an unique and fresh rapper from 40 crews. Jjangyou who originally came to the show with his personal mission, didn’t care about being a winner. He decided to do his personal mission and ignore the fact whether he can win or not. 

In the preparation, Jjangyou explained more about his main purpose of joining Show Me The Money 8. He came from a broken home family and started music because of the emptiness he felt since his mother left him. “I use music as an emotional outlet to express my feelings .”

The song he prepared entitled Alone. It is a song about him being alone without her mother and still waiting for her presence in his life. The song is so emotional since Jjangyou poured his emotion combined with his explosive energy to deliver his frustrated but sad feelings about his situation. Giriboy kneeled down when Jjangyou reached the last chorus, feeling weak due to the emotional performance he presented. Jjangyou! 

Jjangyou SMTM 8 Post Activities

Jjangyou! After SMTM 8, he already release 15 songs including Wave album. Not only release music digitally, before the pandemic hits Jjangyou also goes viral for his wild and exciting live performance. It’s been more than a year since Jjangyou release his latest single back in August 2020 though. Despite many of his loyal fans who waiting, we hope Jjangyou can take his time release new music.

Jjangyou is such a character and bundle of energy. What a journey by Jjangyou SMTM 8.


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