Jessica Daydream

Jessica Daydream | Jung Sister US Road Trip OST

Jung Sister Krystal and Jessica is one of the most adorable sisters in South Korea entertainment Industry. Both a successful artist in their own right they have their own variety program US Road Trip. Daydream is a song by Jessica Jung that capture their harmonious journey through United States.

Jessica Daydream Audio

It’s their first trip in 5 years for both Jung sisters that have been busy with their career. A collaboration with Lifetime platform, they plan to have a healing trip to United States. Watching the two sisters interaction and journey is not only fun but were also bring back us to the memories from previous decade when both of them still active as idol group member, SNSD & f(x) respectively,

Jung Sisters U.S Road Trip

Jessica Daydream Credits

Jessica Daydream cover

Composed and Arranged by Christian Fast, Henrik Nordenback, Carolyn Jordan
Background Vocals Performed by Jessica
Mixed and Mastered by Jaeyeon Kim @ Iconic Studio

Original Publisher: FAST CUT MUSIC PUBLISHING, Nordenback Musik & Media AB, Innerv8 Musiq
Sub Pubisher: ICONIC SOUNDS, UNITED FUTURE CREATORS Inc., Soundgraphics Inc., admin by MUSIC CUBE, INC.

Jessica Profile

Debut as part of SNSD back in 2007, Jessica Jung already make a name for herself not only as musician and celebrities but also as a successful entrepreneur and designer. Her participation for the Jung sisters road trip OST also mark her comeback as singer after 2 years. Last time release a single that feature Giriboy Call Me before You Sleep.

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