Jay Park Wiz Khalifa

Jay Park Wiz Khalifa Break Your Heart | Dream-X Project

When the news broke out many were curious about the collaboration of Jay Park Wiz Khalifa. They were collaborating for Dream-X Project, a project 7SIX9 entertainment which bring together artist from different side of the globe and collaborate. This collaboration were the 2nd collaboration of the project, starting out with China musician Silence Wang and an artist from Australia Lenka

Jay Park Wiz Khalifa Break Your Heart

Jay Park Wiz Khalifa Break Your Heart Credits

Jay Park Wiz Khalifa Break your heart cover

Lyricist: Jay Park, Wiz Khalifa
Composer; Wiz Khalifa, Jay Park, Sokodomo, Kanobby, Czaer,
Arranger; Kanobby, Czaer

Jay Park Profile

A CEO of two label, https://www.dkhhrnb.com/jay-park-solo/Jay Park starts AOMG & H1GHRMUSIC which became two label that shape Korean Hip Hop scene since last decade. An established artist that verse well in both hip hop and R&B, Jay Park doesn’t forget his fans and often held #askjaypark session on Twitter whenever he had free time.

Wiz Khalifa Profile

A top artist with top charting billboard songs as the resume. Wiz Khalifa starting out his career with Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania Mixtape in 2005 that gaining traction and buzz in Pittsburgh. Talking about Pittsburgh, Wiz Khalifa have his own day that celebrated every 12th of December!!

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