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Jay Park Solo story: Falling in love is a familiar feeling we feel as a human. Love can make us do anything that we never imagined before. The phase when we first become interested in someone gives us an exciting feeling where we feel like we are the happiest person in the world. Before we get closer to the person, we still don’t know if they were seeing someone or not. Jay Park wish that the girl was single inspired him to write Solo.

Jay Park Solo released as a single in 2015 featuring the first AOMG female artist, Hoody. This was the first time Hoody featured in Jay Park’s song. Jay Park and Hoody voices matched well and made the song feel very good. After this collaboration, they often make a song together like in All I Wanna Do and Me Like Yuh.

Jay Park Solo Music Video

The song Solo also included in his album Everything You Wanted that was released in 2016. He made a music video for the song that was posted on October 2nd 2015. The music video showed him falling in love with a stylist who worked for him when he was in New York. The music video looks like a vlog that was very simple and realistic. There were also his friends like Tablo, Paloalto, G2 and Loco appearing in the video.

Jay Park met the girl in a hotel lobby. The girl was styling Jay Park’s outfit and did his photoshoots. Jay Park was interested in her and wished she was single. Between all his music videos, this video totally showed a different side of him. He is the sweet guy who falls in love on the first side.

Jay Park Solo Choreography Video

As we know, Jay Park is good at b-boying and dancing. In the beginning of his solo career, he often did choreography for his songs. This song also has an official choreography. Jay Park also does this choreography when he performs on the stage. He posted a choreography version for the song on October 9th 2015, not very long after the music video. With his back dancers, his performance became complete. Hoody, who we barely see dances, also appeared in the song to sing her part.

Jay Park Solo Meaning

The whole Jay Park Solo lyrics are about his feelings.

This never happened to me before, I don’t know what to do right now.

I threw away all my pride. I don’t care, I want you baby. Even if my parents are against it, even if my friends call me stupid.

Aladdin and Jasmine ill show u a whole new world

An Aladdin movie homage.

Hoody’s part in the song is from the girl’s point of view.

Whenever they asked if I was a single lady
I just lied and said no baby.

Jay Park Solo Credit

Jay Park Solo

Written By Hoody & Jay Park
Composed by Hoody, Jay Park & Cha Cha Malone
Sampled In Narcissist by No Rome (Ft. The 1975)

Perfect Love Song?

Jay Park definitely has so many love songs. But Jay Park Solo is the song that showed his soft side. The song uses nice words and attitude, but also shows his effort towards the girl. This song has a groovy and feel good melody that makes you want to dance. It has a light feeling that gives you chills. It will be perfect to listen to this in the afternoon, or before starting the work. After listening to the song, you might feel a positive energy to continue your daily activities.

Jay Park Profile

Jay Park or Park Jae-beom is a South Korean singer and rapper. He is the CEO of two labels, AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC. He is also signed with Roc Nation for his American activities. Jay Park is known for his songs Joah, Girlfriend, Solo, All I Wanna Do, Mommae, and so on. He released full English songs like K-Town and Soju. He had his world tour in 2019.

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