J_ust I think i have to move

J_ust I Think I Have to Move | Isn’t the Same Without You

Acoustic singer with a sweet voice J_ust release his first R&B track. I Think I Have to Move is a pre release track for upcoming EP by J_ust. A continuation from first EP D_iary Page.1, J_ust want to share the experience that lots of couple can relate to, trying to move on from memories of our loved ones.

J_ust I Think I Have to Move Music Video

Music video of the song show the story of a couple that used to lived together. A House that become our source of comfort, warmth, and safe place now is just a bitter memories. Mad Clown who famous for his melancholy and heartbreak lyrics also feature in the song. Express the emotion of person that were left behind with all the memories of us.

I want to leave my happy memories behind and run away.
When there’s no place to run away… Will it get better if I move?

J_ust I think I have to move single album description

J_ust I Think I Have to Move Credits

J_ust i think i have to move cover

Executive Producer Dr.Simpson
Lyrics Written by J_ust, Mad Clown
Composed by J_ust, Soo Min Jeong
Arranged by Soo Min Jeong, J_ust
Guitar Played by JukJae), J_ust
Chorus by J_ust
Piano Played by Soo Min Jeong
MIDI Programed by Soo Min Jeong
Mixed by alexalexale at Make the Soul Studio
Mastered by Kwon Nam Woo at 821 Sound
Cover Artwork by Garlic
M/V Production Panic Button
M/V Actor & Actress Lim Woo Chan, Kang Yoo Rim

J_ust Profile

Seo Sokwoo stage name come from his aspiration to create just good music. Debut in 2015, J_ust start his career by busking in Hongdae and gaining fans over the years. The acoustic melody of J_ust and relatable lyrics become the strong point of the singer with the sweet voice.

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