George I'll Change

George I’ll Change | Remake of Song from 2008

George participate in Cyworld BGM 2021 project, This time to remake the song I’ll change that were released back in 2008. It’s hard to remake an iconic song that lots of people that were live in that generation familiar with, but this is what the project is all about! Can George remake the song to a different atmosphere? Let’s take a listen.

George I’ll Change Music Clip

Produced by Park Moonchi, the song sounds new yet nostalgic. A song fit the title of the newtro queen. it starts with a melodic piano and add more instrument along the way. George himself often sing the song when he’s going to karaoke, a Cyworld generation indeed.

George I’ll Change Credits

George I'll Change cover

Executive Director: Jason Kim, Sam Son
Project Producer: Dorothy Park
Artist : George
Lyrics by 2soo
Composed by 2soo
Arranged by Park Moon-chi 
Song by George
Piano by Park Moon-chi
String by Park Moon-chi
Drum by Moonchi Park 
Mixed ,Mastered by Nahzam Sue @ Wormwood Hill Studio
Art Design: Ga Hee Jin

Jinwon I’m Gonna Change

The original song were made by Jin Won as part of MNET program Five Man and Baby angel that stars Go Sewon, Choi Wonjun, Won Taehee, Ji Eunseong, Jin won that need to take care a baby named Haechan for 3 months. A hit program back in 2008, one of the song that sang in the program were by Jin Won tiled I’m Gonna Change

Five Man and Baby Angel Program

George Profile

The R&B singer that known for his melancholy ballad voice. George start his career in 2016 and been releasing hit track one after another. He’s currently a part of Craft and Jun alongside Coke Jazz, Ian Ka$h, Cosmic Boy, Jclef, Dahee, Zayvo, QIm Isl and Swimrabbit.

Listen to George I’ll Change on Spotify and Apple Music.

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