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HuH! MBT | Even Bad Memories Become a Good One Eventually

HUH! release new single MBT. Heo Seonghyun or used to be known as Rosy and Rose De Penny sign to Amoeba Culture last year after impressive stint last year on SMTM 9, only losing in mic selection to Kaogaii. He’s also participate in previous year SMTM 8, only losing to Takuwa because he forget his lyrics. He’s also been discovering his music style, including with the latest single that he just released.

Huh! MBT Music Video

MBT is supported by KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency) as part of ‘Muse On’ project. The song have a lot of rock band sound as element by producer PADI who been helping produce Amoeba Culture artist track including their team member on HSR & SMTM.

“I thought I feel unhappy the most when we were together

Actually, that was the happiest time.””

Huh! MBT song description

Huh! MBT Credits

Huh MBT Cover

Composed by Seonghyun Huh, Padi, Godan
Lyrics by Seonghyun Huh
Arranged by Padi

Guitar by NE:ON
Keyboard by Padi
Drum Programming by Padi

Recorded by PARA9ON at workroom
Mixed by Manny Park at Sig Recording’s
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon at 821 Sound Mastering

HuH! Profile

Debut in 2019, still used the stage name Rose de Penny before he change it into HuH!. As a member of Amoeba Culture, he’s not only release music but also been appearing on multiple YouTube program where many viewers saw his charms and become a fan of his music in the process.

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