Heize Profile

Heize Profile | Distinctive Vocals that Captivated Everyone’s Heart

Heize Profile

Name: Jang Da-hye
Birthdate: August 9, 1991
Agency: P Nation
Debut: 2014
Instagram: @heizeheize

Unique voices were essential for singers, it makes the listener find it easy to differentiate one singer to another. One of the singers who have a very distinctive and remarkable vocals is Heize, a South Korean musician who is known for her unique voices when she sings. Her unique vocals made her songs easily recognizable everytime her songs were played. Her music style and her genuineness everytime she sings makes her favored and showered by love from her fans worldwide.

Pre-Debut | Early Days of Heize 

Before her debut day, she was a student of Pukyong National University in Busan, South Korea. Back in her University days, she used to be in the bottom ranked among other students, until one day, she was motivated to become a singer, but her father was against it due to her low grades. 

Heize Profile won’t even started if she doesn’t convince her parents, she made a promise that she will study harder and improve her grades. She stated that it was the first time she studied really hard, and her hard work finally paid off. She finally reached the top for the first time and her father was so impressed by it. She then got permission to take a year off from school and came to Seoul to pursue her music interest.

Heize Profile | Debut

When she first came to Seoul, she stated that she didn’t want to ask for help because she was doing what she liked. Instead, she did a lot of part-time jobs in order to support herself in Seoul. Her first time in Seoul turned out to be a huge challenge for her, but then she overcame it well and made her debut by releasing a single titled After I’ve Wandered a Bit in 2014, where she collaborated with Crucial Star who appeared as a featured artist.

Not long after she released her debut single, she also released an extended play titled after her stage name, Heize, which consists of 6 songs inside. As promised, after she spent 1 year in Seoul, she went back to Busan to continue her studies. But then, after she got the taste of creating music and doing what she likes back when she was in Seoul, she strived to get more of it, she felt that she still had more to show. So she studied hard once again and made it to the top among other students for the second time, in order to come back to Seoul.

Activity | Heize in Unpretty Rapstar 2

In her second time in Seoul, after releasing a couple of albums, she started questioning herself on how long she will be able to create music. After taking some time to think, she finally made a decision to go back to Busan. Right after she packed her bags, she suddenly received a call from Unpretty Rapstar, a rap competition show from Mnet similar to Show me The Money, but the difference is that all the contestants were female. She then accepted their invitation and made an appearance on the show near the end of 2015.

Through the second season of Unpretty Rapstar, Heize slowly gained attention and spotlight as a singer and also a rapper, she made it all the way to the semifinal where she eventually lost to Hyorin. In the semifinal, she sang Don’t Make Money with Chanyeol from EXO.

Heize Profile | Rise after Unpretty Rapstar

After her roller coaster ride in Unpretty Rapstar 2, Heize started to gain more recognition and released her second EP titled And July in 2016. The EP contained numbers of top charting tracks such as And July and Shut Up & Groove where she collaborated with DEAN and DJ Friz. Shut Up & Groove also made it to the Billboard US World chart.

Heize Profile | First Soundtrack Appearance

Following her successful EP, And July, she gained even more popularity and took part in a lot of soundtracks for numerous popular dramas. As a soloist who was best known for her musical versatility, and also with her unique vocals, it’s normal for Heize voices to be heard in a lot of popular Korean dramas. Korean dramas such as Jealousy Incarnate and Goblin, were two first dramas where she made appearances on for the soundtrack. And later, she also sang a soundtrack for other popular dramas such as Prison Playbook, Hotel del Luna, Dr. Romantic etc.

Heize Profile | The Digital Monster with Heize, You, Clouds, Rain.

After her contribution on filling the soundtracks of Jealousy Incarnate and Goblin respectively in 2016 and 2017, in 2017, she released her third EP, titled /// (You, Clouds, Rain). The EP had a major success, the title track Don’t Know You and You, Clouds, Rain successfully achieved an All-Kill in all Korean music charts.

Heize Profile | First Full-length Studio Album

2 years after the successful release of /// (You, Clouds, Rain), Heize profile continue with her first full-length studio album titled She’s Fine, finally made its way to the public on 19 March 2019 to be exact. A total of 11 songs was included in the album, and also popular names such as Colde, Simon Dominic, Sunwoo Jung-a, Davii, Nafla and Jooyoung also made their appearance on the album as a featuring artist.

Within 4 months after the release of her studio album She’s Fine, Heize, together with rapper Giriboy and SUGA from BTS collaborated for one of Heize another top charting singles, We Don’t Talk Together. Giriboy participated as a featured artist meanwhile SUGA was in charge of producing the beat for the song.

Heize Profile | New Label, P Nation

Heize Profile

Near the end of 2020, on 16 September 2020, Heize eventually made headlines everywhere, where it was announced that she’s set to be joining P Nation, an entertainment company founded by South Korean talented musician PSY, following Hyuna, Dawn, Jessi and Crush who joined the company before her.

Heize Profile | Recent Activity

After joining P Nation, on 20 May 2020, she made her first and also her latest release under the label, an EP titled Happen. A total of 8 songs was included in the EP, and also popular names such as Gary, Changmo, Kim Feel and Ahn Ye-eun also made their appearance on the album as a featured artist.

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