HA:TFELT Summertime

HA:TFELT Summertime | Back with New Summer Song Featuring Keem Hyoeun

HA:TFELT Summertime is a summer song you unexpectedly will fall in love with. HA:TFELT or Park Ye Eun, formerly known as a member of Wonder Girls, is finally coming back with a song titled Summertime. In this song she has Keem Hyoeun, part of Ambition Musik, as a featuring. She released a music video for the song on July 14th 2021 through Amoeba Culture youtube channel.

HA:TFELT Summertime feat Keem Hyoeun Music Video

Shimmering summertime! The song is fresh and colorful with the sensation of summer, just like the title. She gives a beach party feeling that we haven’t had for a very long period and reminds a bright summer vibe to all the listeners who have been staying home, making us want to go for a vacation.

In this song, HA:TFELT has Keem Hyoeun, Show Me the Money 3, 5 and 777 contestant, as a featuring. He also appears in the music video, having a party with HA:TFELT. Keem Hyoeun debuted in Ambition Musik in 2016, gaining his popularity through his works in songs and collaboration.

HA:TFELT Summertime Tracklist and Credit

01. Summertime (Feat. Keem Hyoeun) 

Composed by HA:TFELT, Keem Hyoeun
Lyrics by HA:TFELT, Keem Hyoeun
Arranged by Illumin
Guitar, Keyboard, Drum Programming by Illumin
Recorded by Pinky at Amoeba Culture Studio
Mixed by Shin Bong Won at GLAB Studios
Mastered by Kwon Nam Woo at 821 Sound Mastering

Keem Hyoeun in Studio GRR with Superbee, Uneducated Kid and Way Ched

In 2021, he appeared in Way Ched’s vlog with Studio Grr. His latest album LOVE-HATE was released in 2020. He hasn’t released any songs since, so this collaboration cures our longing for his music.

HA:TFELT Summertime Music Video with Sokodomo as Director

The music video shows a summer party on a beach with catchy chorepography from HA:TFELT. With a colorful concept from the outfits until the setting, the music video shows her having a fun party with her friends.

Without any expectation, the music video is directed by Sokodomo, High School Rapper 3 contestant, with the name GimSookHee8000. The music video director is a collaboration between him and ILLUMIN. Sokodomo shared it through an Instagram post saying that he was directing a music video for HA:TFELT. The post is also commented by HA:TFELT, showing her appreciation to Sokodomo. Seriously, what things Sokodomo can’t do?

Member of Amoeba Culture

Being with Amoeba Culture after parting ways with Wonder Girls, HA:TFELT has released lots of songs such as Phlumm, La Luna, Sweet Sensation, Life Sucks, and so on. She shows a different version of herself during her solo works. HA:TFELT is currently a member of Amoeba Culture alongside: Dynamic Duo, Thama, SOLE, DJ Friz, and HUH!.

HA:TFELT Summertime M Countdown

Listen to HA:TFELT Summertime feat Keem Hyoeun on Spotify and Apple Music


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