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Haon Profile | The Journey of Kim Haon the Traveler

HAON profile 

Name: Kim Haon

Birthdate: 7th of July 2000


Crew: Kiff Clan

Debut: 2018

Awards: Best New Artist Korean Hiphop Awards 2019
Digital Rookie Awards Gaon Music Awards 2018

Survival; HSR 1, 2 & SMTM 6

Starting his career in High School Rapper season 2, Haon has been a big sensation ever since. Known as the guy who shares positivity with his friends, HAON pays attention to his lyrics and words. And by joining H1GHR MUSIC family made him grow big until now. What does his music career look like?

HAON, born by the name Kim Ha-on is a South Korean rapper in July 7th 2000. Known for his positivity and bright personality, he shook High School Rapper 2 that brought him into the championship of the season. Let’s check Kim Haon Profile

Haon Profile: High school rapper 2 Journey

He made his appearance in HSR2 back in 2018. This show is the next season of HSR 1, won by Yanghongwon. The mentors for this season are Hangzoo with Boi B, GroovyRoom, Deepflow, and Cheetah with San E. Haon got into the GroovyRoom team with Vinxen, Sandy and PULLIK.

HAON wore his bumblebee shirt that still remains in people’s minds about him. He shook everyone with his rap since no one expected him to be so good, even the mentors themself. He won the first round and it brought him to be the leader for the team.

In his journey in HSR2, he released a lot of hit songs such as The Little Prince with PULLIK, Barcode with Vinxen, Adios, and BOONG BOONG with Sik-K for his final round. The song BOONG BOONG brought him to win this season.

The song Barcode that he sang with Vinxen became a huge topic and received a Perfect All Kill in the music chart. Another artist also praised his lyrics such as RM and Suga from BTS. BTS was talking about happiness and RM quoted HAON’s lyrics which said “happiness is nowhere but everywhere”. Suga from BTS told GroovyRoom that he also liked Barcode. Suga contacted GroovyRoom Hwimin to say Barcode was really good.

Haon Profile: Sign with H1GHRMUSIC

On May 11th 2018, HAON signed with Jay Park’s second label, H1GHR MUSIC. H1GHR MUSIC posted a video on YouTube welcoming HAON in the family. On June 29th in the same year, he released a project collaboration between DAZED Magazine and Stone Music Entertainment. The song is titled LOVE! DANCE!, an energetic song to dance along with.

Later on September 5th, he released an album titled TRAVEL: NOAH and a music video for his title song NOAH. The song got so much attention since this is his first album after HSR 2. The album includes 7 songs which are NOAH with Jay Park and Hoody, LOVE! DANCE!, WHACHUWANT, GOODNIGHT with B-Free, NYLON with pH-1, OOOOOOL, and INTRO.

The title song NOAH received a lot of love from people. He showed his music color through the song and this song became another success story of his discography.

Haon Profile: Awards Incoming

Haon Profile

HAON won his first award at Gaon Music Award 2018 as the Digital Rookie of the Year. He also performed some of his songs on the awarding night. At the end of 2018, HAON got nominated as Best Artist of the Year and Best New Male Artist in MAMA 2018.

At the end of 2019, HAON won the New Artist of the Year Award at Korean Hip Hop Awards.

Haon Profile: Active on Variety Show

He did a lot of collaboration songs with other artists including Jay Park, pH-1, Code Kunst, Rohann, Vinxen, Sik-K and so on. He also appeared in some variety shows like Weekly Idol together with H1GHR MUSIC, Radio Star, Cool Kids, Let’s Eat Dinner Together, etc.

Haon Profile: 2020, Active years

2020 was the year of H1GHR MUSIC They released two albums, RED TAPE and BLUE TAPE. With 14 songs in each album. These albums show a lot of type music H1GHR MUSIC have. HAON was in the song Me&Bae and Back From 0 in the BLUE TAPE. In the RED TAPE, he was in How We Rock, DDDD Freestyle, 4eva, Telefono Remix, CLosed Case, World Domination, The Purge, Check My Bio, and The Arrival.

H1GHR MUSIC released a lot of music videos for these two albums. They also promoted the songs in many programs such as radio shows and TV shows. This shows how busy they were back in 2020 when they released these two albums.

He made his appearance in Show Me the Money season 9 as a featuring artist for Miranni alongside with pH-1. The song is titled Achoo, another hit song from SMTM9.

Haon Profile | His Recent Activity

As of 2021, he hasn’t shown any updates about his activity. He is on hiatus until now, preparing for his next comeback. But he posted a photo on his instagram account on his birthday. We will always wait for him whenever he is ready. HAON, take your time!

You can check Haon Music on Spotify & Apple Music. Among all of the songs HAON has done, what is your favorite song from HAON?

Kim Haon Profile will be updated over time.


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