Han Yohan

Han Yohan | Self titled Album from the Rockstar

Just Music incumbent rockstar Han Yohan is back with a self titled album! The multi talent rapper and guitarist release a full album with 11 tracks inside. Multiple producer such as MINIT, Heondred, MISU, and SORA participate in the track giving the album a colorful music yet still with the taste of the rockstar from Just Music.

This is Me feat Changmo

A collaboration of the Rockstar from Yangjae and Deokso. Produced by Heondred, Minit, and NitRocket, This is me is a song that bring a full band music. Rapper and hip hop music in South Korea have been evolving over the years and Han Yohan is the forefront that spearhead the implementation of rock element into South Korea Hip Hop scene. Changmo also in his comfort zone, this song really suit him well.

Han Yohan 초희귀종 tracklist

Han Yohan album cover
  1. Lambo Flow feat Jimmy Paige
  2. This is Me feat Changmo
  3. Akrapovic
  4. Daft Punk feat Zene The Zilla
  5. From Today feat Swings
  6. 1:00
  7. Ctrl C + Ctrl V
  8. Long Run feat Homies
  9. I’m Not Okay feat NO:EL
  10. Walk Walk feat Verbal Jint
  11. You

Physical album

Han Yohan physical album

The album is still available and can be purchased on South Korea online store.

Han Yohan Profile

Majored in electric guitar both in school and University, Han Yohan were actually used to be a guitarist for Urban Zakapa and Just Music artist live concert. After a while Han Yohan start to release his own music as a rapper-singer-songwriter in 2015 before being signed by Swings officially to Just Music after fans known him as Just Music unofficial member because he always there to play the guitar for Just Music artist.

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